Is Robert Sheehan Gay? What Did He Say About His Sexuality?

Do you know a celebrity that has experimented with their sexuality to find out if they’re attracted to the same or opposite s*x people? 

Did Robert Sheehan come out as gay? Let's see.
Robert Sheehan by MTV International licensed under CC BY 3.0

Robert Sheehan is one of them. This has cost his reputation to go down since several rumors spread about his sexual label for experimenting. 

But what is the absolute truth behind all those rumors? If you’re interested in knowing every little detail regarding Robert Sheehan’s sexuality, keep reading. 

Robert Sheehan’s Sexuality Exploration Proved Him a Straight Person

There aren’t many celebrities who try to explore their sexuality differently. Robert Sheehan is different. He had relationships with both men and women to understand himself.

The results say he is straight. Sheehan has talked about doing such experiments publicly in interviews. He also addressed rumors. 

The Umbrella Academy actor said, “I explored my sexuality to see if there were any tinges in a gay or bisexual area, but there wasn’t really for me. I gave it a few tries, though.”

Since he tried having several relationships with both males and females and still considers himself straight, it means Robert Sheehan is definitely straight. 

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How did Robert Sheehan’s Gay Rumors start? 

Until Robert spoke about his exploration and sexuality, some groups of fans and haters already began to think of him as homosexual. Some news of him dating guys was leaked; however, there was no substantial evidence. 

He also used to look gay in some specific outfits. That’s how the rumors started. Some still misunderstand his sexual label as he openly supports LGBTQ. Robert has done a great job sharing the truth as early as possible. 

Robert Sheehan Has Been Supporting LGBTQ People for Years

The Misfits actor is a supporter of the LGBTQ community. He has spoken about his support towards them openly in many interviews. Some are available on YouTube. 

He said, “It just seems so needless to deny people a bit of love in their lives.” Although Robert Sheehan is straight, he never misses a chance to speak about gay rights whenever he can. 

Is Robert Sheehan Dating Anyone? 

Robert Sheehan has dated many times in the past but ensured to keep those under wraps. Sofia Boutella is the only girl Robert has openly dated. 

He kept his other ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends’ names secret. Sofia and the actor started their romance in 2014 when he first met with the talented beauty during the filming ”Jet Trash”. 

The couple dated for 4 years. Most fans thought their romance would last forever. Some also thought they would get married, but the pair, unfortunately, broke up in 2018. Since then, Robert Sheehan has avoided speaking of his dating life. 

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Final Words

Robert Sheehan is not like most other celebrities. He has done some experiments that made him clear about his sexual orientation. Is he gay or bi? He encountered the question many times and had to find out if he was gay or straight. 

His explanation proved that he likes only girls and boys are suitable only for hangouts, not for relationships. He then briefly dated his ex-girlfriend Sofia Boutella for four years. After breaking up with her in 2018, he started to put all his focus on work and stay single.

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