Why Do People Have Doubts About Shawn Wayans’ Sexuality? 

Shawn Wayans was born with excellent acting skills. Hence, after trying this entertainment industry sector, he quickly became popular. 

He gained most followers by playing roles in ‘Scary Movie’ and ‘In Living Color.’ Everything was going fine till people began to assume his sexuality through a character he played in the Scary Movie. 

What's Shawn Wayans' sexual orientation? Is he gay or straight?
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This one character changed his life and put him into controversy. There is a long story regarding how Shawn Wayans’ sexual orientation became a question mark.

Want to know about Shawn Wayans’ sexuality? Keep reading to know the facts and exciting stories behind the made-up gay rumors. 

Shawn Wayans Played as Ray Wilkins, and Fans Thought He Might Be Gay 

Sad but true, most celebrities get nasty comments and doubts about their sexual orientation when they have played a character that at least gave gay vibes.

The same happened with the Scary Movie actor Shawn Wayans. He acted as Ray, a character that is not gay, but it seemed like it was a closeted man. 

In the film, he acted naturally enough and even had a girlfriend, but things became slightly different in the two scenes. In one scene, Ray asked his friend in school whether he looked gay in a yellow vest he had worn.

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The friend said no, he wasn’t. Then Shawn held the vest’s bottom, twisted it, put it under and then over it, and asked, “What about now?” [Source: YouTube]

This particular part popped up questions if Shawn Wayans being gay. In another portion of the movie, he is about to have physical intimacy with his girlfriend. At that moment, he asked the girlfriend to wear a men’s costume.

This also fueled gay gossip. But the reality is different. As he didn’t confirm his sexuality as gay we need to assume it learning about his personal life further.

Is Shawn Wayans Bisexual in Real Life?

Shawn Wayans doesn’t seem bisexual. We looked for reports and pictures, checked his official social media accounts, and did more research. But we couldn’t find any man involved with him.

He has buddies, and men co-workers that he sometimes spends good times with but they are just like friends or brothers. When we tried to learn whether he has a love interest in men or women, we found he is into ladies.

Hence, we can interpret Shawn Wayans as a straight person who had girlfriends and became the father of three children. 

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Who are Shawn Wayans Children and Their Biological Mother? 

The actor in the film ‘The Little Man’ attracted several women towards him with his attractive look. He had many affairs before and after his marriage.

Sadly neither his wives nor his girlfriends stayed long enough with him. Shawn’s first wife was Ursula Alberto. After a romantic relationship, they married and lived together until 2008.

She made Shawn a father of two daughters, Laila Wayans (1999) and Illia Wayans (2003). He also has a son called Marlon Wayans Jr., who was welcomed in 2006. After two years of having their last baby, the duo broke up and got split through a divorce. 

Final Words

Becoming a celebrity means speculating about their sexuality with or without confirmation. Shawn, this was thought of as gay for a long. 

Also, some false news made the gossip seem like a true story. Hopefully, now there are no more doubts about Shawn Wayans’s sexual orientation since we have introduced you to his kids and girlfriends.


Who is the wealthiest Wayans brother? 

Keenan Ivory is the most affluent Wayans brother, with a net worth of $65 million. Damon stands in the second position with a $35 million net worth, and Shawn is the third richest man among his brothers with a $30 million net worth. 

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How did Shawn Wayans make his money? 

Shawn Wayans is rich enough, and he earned over $30 million by doing several works, including acting, dancing, producing, and working on television. 

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