Is Lil Dicky Gay? Which Video Fueled His Gay Rumors? 

It’s been a while since people have been doubting and speculating about Lil Dicky’s sexuality. The actor of Dave has been playing puzzle games with his fans’ minds; that’s what the supporters say.

While many followers are looking for the answer, “is Lil Dicky gay?” the FXX comedy series actor seems to be ignoring to respond. 

Lil Dicky isn't gay. He's straight and he had a girlfriend.
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He was known as a straight person until some videos showed up to the viewers where he was doing a bit of gay stuff.

Some scenes made his fans think he is gay inside. However, it’s not fair to assume someone’s sexuality depends upon what character they are playing in a movie or series. 

So, today we will remove all your confusion regarding the sexual orientation of this excellent rapper and actor, analyzing which video fueled his gay rumors. So, join us to know important facts about your favorite celebrity’s sexual orientation. 

Lil Dicky’s Bromance With His Friend Provoked Gay Rumors

Benny Blanco has been a close friend of Dicky’s for an extended period. Both starred in the Dave show, where they are seen having intimate moments in a few clips.

The clips are from the third episode, which is titled The Observer. The first scene was enjoying a shower together and wearing birthday clothes. In other sequences, they are performing and hugging. 

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They also polished one another’s toes in one particular scene. Such scenes brought gay doubts to the viewers’ minds. Many thought the two might be dating behind the scenes.

But is Lil Dicky gay for real? Well, none of the actors have confirmed having an affair. Since Dicky shared that the Dave show was made on his life story, it explains that he is, of course, not gay. 

Lil Dicky’s Story Tells He Had a Girlfriend: He mOst Probably is Straight

It’s because in the show you will find a character named Ally, the star’s girlfriend. It means he had a girlfriend once. The rapper’s song “Moly” was made from the inspiration of his love story, and yes, ladies, his ex’s real name was Molly which was replaced on the FXX’s show with Ally.

It should now be clear that Lil Dicky’s sexuality is heterosexual

Final Words

Lil has a serious guy typeface, and when he tries to be a little funny, it seems he is homosexual. Since the actor played a role in a comedy series called Dave, he had to do illogical things or act as a cringe personality.

Sadly people took his acting seriously and assumed him to be gay. But we have shown you his actual sexuality. The actor is straight and didn’t have an external affair with a same-s*x in his lifetime.

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Are Lil Dicky and Ally still together? 

Molly was once Dicky’s girlfriend, and they were considered a sweet couple. But they are no longer together. The duo broke up, and it actually hurt Lil.

He told some tabloids how he felt after his break-up with Molly and put her character and their story in the Dave show, naming the character Ally.

Is Lil Dicky with Taylor Misiak? 

Taylor Misiak and Lil Dicky starred in FXX’s series Dave. They worked together as actors and didn’t have any external affairs. 

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