Is Jojo Siwa Gay or Bisexual? Unpacking The Debate

Jojo Siwa is a YouTuber who has over 3 million subscribers. Jojo Siwa is gay, and she has revealed this truth about herself after realizing she is in love with Kylie Prew. After exploring her sexuality with Kylie, she now shares more about their relationship. 

Did Jojo Siwa come out as gay? What's her sexuality and who's her gay dating partner?
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So, yes, if you have questions like “Is Jojo Siwa gay or bisexual? The answer is positive. So, how did she discover her real sexuality, and when?

We will take a close look at her sexual orientation in this article. So, if you are ready, we shall start looking at her girlfriend and their love life. 

Jojo Siwa Came Out As Gay

Jojo Siwa didn’t know she is gay until she met Kylie Prew, Jojo Siwa’s girlfriend. She shared many things regarding how their relationship started and how they even fought for a Lego. 

They kept their affair hidden until they crossed 8 months. Both Jojo Siwa and her girlfriend admitted that they are gay and have been dating for a long.

Even Siwa’s mother, Jessalyn, admitted her daughter was a homosexual for eight months in an interview “Success with Jess.” [Source: USA Today]

Jojo is also a member of the gay community. Jojo shared how immediate it was to get along with Prew right after spotting her on a cruise in January.

She said, “We just became instant like this,” Siwa gushed while holding up crossed fingers. “Like I had a big secret at the time that I wasn’t supposed to tell anybody, and I told her within 10 minutes of meeting her.” 

The duo said they had been having a best-friend kind of relationship. Slowly, they understood that their feelings for one another are more than what people call “Friendship.” 

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Prew said she told Jojo she was in a relationship with a guy on the cruise, but Siwa didn’t take her seriously and laughed.

Siwa said about that moment, “I was like, ‘Dude, you’re gay’… ‘I thought you were gay.’ And she was like, ‘No, I’m so straight I have a boyfriend.’ And I literally go ‘OK come talk to me in 6 months.” 

After 6 months, Prew talked to Siwa over the phone and told her that she was bisexual. But Siwa replied, “No bro, you’re gay, call me in six months.” Later on, they became a couple.

At first, when they opened up the truth to their friends and family, they got scared but eventually accepted them as they were. They also get into fights like other couples. Once Prew was willing to construct a Lego. However, Siwa didn’t show interest. 

Then they quarreled for a little while. Siwa likes Kylie so much that she says to her, “No matter what, never go to sleep being mad….. Always end with an ‘I love you,'” Jojo said. “Always end with ‘I’m frustrated but tomorrow it won’t matter.'”


Jojo Siwa’s conversation proved that Jojo Siwa is not bisexual or straight. Jojo Siwa’s sexuality is gay. Jojo Siwa does not feel embarrassed about being gay. She feels proud, and she even said, “My human is my human,” to PEOPLE Magazine.

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