Is Bruno Mars Gay? What Did Mars Say About His Sexuality? 

Bruno Mars has made a special place in the music industry and replacing him isn’t possible. He has presented his fans with many hit songs for nearly 20 years. Combining his talent with hard work made him one of the most gainful singers. 

What's Bruno Mars sexual orientation? Is he gay or straight?
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He gained 11 Grammy Awards and was also nominated 5 more times. Mars was made to gather international fans at an early stage of his career.

These fans want to know many things regarding his personal life, including his sexual orientation and love life.

Hence, we are here with the answers to your queries. Let’s explore the sexuality of Bruno Mars together. 

Bruno Mars Gay Rumors

Rumors are spreading that Bruno Mars is gay after posting a picture on Instagram with Stevie captioning, “Wholesome content for your timeline. Go hug somebody you love today; I love you, Stevie.” The singer was seen hugging in the image.

Later some reliable sources also claimed that he came out gay, but Bruno denied all those claims. He even told the audience that his sexuality was fabricated in the “Chicago Radio.”

He also told the listeners that people should take his sexuality seriously and not make a joke. He feels ashamed to go out because of such rumors.

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We are happy knowing how he spoke about the matter publicly with a strong voice. After listening to Mars, you can’t deny that he is straight. 

How Bruno Mars’s Relationships Prove He is Straight

Bruno Mars is straight, and it is clear to those fans who already know about his long-term affair with an American model named Jessica Caban. 

They have been in a relationship for over 10 years. They love each other beyond one can think, and it’s understood through their chemistry. According to some reports, the couple met at a New York City restaurant. 

They’ve also been living together for a long time; however, they are not officially married or engaged. They try to keep their love life private as much as they can. 

Bruno Mars and Jessica have been dating for over half of his career life’s duration. Until now, Jessica is the only highlighted love of his life, but before he entered into this relationship, Mars was also rumored to have an affair with an English singer Rita Ora. But when they were asked about it, both of them denied it. 

Besides, Mars didn’t do something serious that people had to believe he was gay. He hugged a man once, and you will understand that it was a friendly hug if you carefully see how he hugged. 

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So, is Bruno Mars gay? no. It’s unfair to call someone gay if he just hugs another person of the same gender. Next, when you see a celebrity hugging another same-gender celebrity, don’t assume things about him; rather, come here and check the truth. 


So, this is the true Bruno Mars sexuality that he is straight. If you hear anyone asking does Bruno Mars is gay? Please tell the person he is not a responsible fan if you don’t want your favorite star to feel embarrassed anymore. 

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