Is Randy Jackson Gay? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

Randy Jackson is one of the most versatile singers. He was also the judge of several reality shows. You must have seen him as the judge on the American Idol shows for a long time. 

Randy Jackson is gay or it's just a rumor? What's Randy Jackson's sexual orientation?
Randy Jackson by Gage Skidmore Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

In 2021 he was seen in the Name That Tunes as its bandleader. This is the reboot version of Fox where Jane Krakowski, the host, accompanied him. As Randy gained more popularity, more fans showed curiosity about his private life and sexuality. 

And therefore, we will discuss Randy Jackson’s sexuality and see whether he’s gay or straight. So, let’s begin the discussion.

Is Randy Jackson Gay, or it’s a Rumor? 

Did Randy do something that proved him to be gay? No, it’s all rumors. Jackson, like other celebrities including Woody Harrellson, David Spade, 42 Dugg, is misunderstood as gay. 

There is a group of people who usually spread fake news about the life of different celebrities. The sad part is some people actually believe in false news. Randy didn’t say anything about his sexuality in public. He also didn’t label him as homosexual. 

Looking at his life and knowing that he was once married to a charming lady and later dated another pretty woman would be disrespectful to think of him as gay.

We have got you covered if you didn’t know who Randy Jackson was married to and who he is dating now. Let’s find out more about the Relationships of this singer. 

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Love Life of Randy Jackson

Elizabeth Jackson, a songwriter, and singer, was the first lady he was seriously in love with, as we know. They married soon after getting into a relationship.

The couple became parents of a beautiful daughter who they named Taylor. However, in 1990 they ended everything between them. 

Randy Jackson didn’t wait long after his first divorced and married Erika Riker. The couple had a great marriage life until 2014 when Erika demanded a divorce. After 18 years, they finally split in 2019. This couple produced one son named Jordan and one daughter named Zoe.

After getting a divorce from Erika, the singer was seen with a beautiful young woman known as Simone. She is also a professional singer like Jackson. When they started dating in 2019, many reports said Simone’s age was 27, and Randy’s was 62. 

The duo was seen in many places together. According to The Daily Mail, they were captured together in an art gallery located in Los Angeles for the first time. 

One Instagram post of Simone indicates they have been in a relationship since 2018 but kept it a secret till 2019. It was a Photo of Randy Jackson and her with the caption, “Thanks for coming to see me perform last night, loves.” 

A man who had two wives and three children and now has a girlfriend can’t be counted as gay. Although he didn’t tell himself he was straight, seeing his lifestyle, we are sure Randy Jackson’s sexuality is straight. 

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Randy Jackson is an excellent singer and a great judge when it comes to finding an outstanding singer from music reality shows.

The singer is praised globally for his mesmerizing voice but is also criticized for some fake claims like he is gay.

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