Is Levar Burton Gay? Why Do People Ask Questions About His Sexuality?

Levar Burton’s real name is Levardis Robert Martyn Burton Jr. He was born on February 16th, 1957. He is popular, especially for being one of the greatest actors in America. 

What did Levar Burton say about his sexuality? Is he gay?
Levar Burton by Mike Muegel Licensed under CC BY 2.0

But he also does television hosting, directing, and writing. He played several powerful characters like Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Kunta Knite of ABC miniseries, etc. 

Like every other celebrity fan, Levar lovers want to know much about him. They are especially interested to know his sexual orientation. So, let’s find out whether Levar is a gay or straight person. 

Is Levar Burton Gay? 

Levar Burton is not gay, but he supports LGBTQ. He clearly expressed how he thinks the world is diverse with gay people in an interview.

His fans, after seeing that video thought him gay. He spoke about Bert and Ernie’s kids’ show, where two dummies are represented as gay couples. 

When was he asked what he thinks of Bert and Ernie coming out as gay? He said, “We’ve all known that for years. It’s official now. It’s very powerful. And for those who take exception to the fact that a gay couple is being represented in a forward-facing children’s show, you need to check this out. 

This is a very diverse world, and the world is made up of more families than just the traditional nuclear family, mom, dad, kids, alright? This is the world as it is. We all need to see ourselves represented in popular culture in order to develop a healthy self-image.” [Source: TMZ]

It was unexpected to his fans when they knew he accepted gay families. This was the start of rumors and controversies. But tell me, is Levar Burton gay for real? What do you think? We can know it by looking at his personal life.

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Levar Burton Wife

Levar Burton married in 1992. He married a popular lady makeup artist, and her name is Stephanie Cozart. It was on October 3rd. They are a very happy couple and live a satisfying life with a daughter named Mica Burton and a son named Eian Burton.

They met at the Roots set in 1988. After the meeting, they fell in love and were in a long relationship. After staying in a relationship for 4 years, they finally decided and married in 1992. The couple even attends most of the shows together. 

Levar never had an affair outside either. Burton fans who knew about his family already know that the guy is not gay. Levar Burton’s sexuality was and is straight. 


Levar Burton is a talented artist. He does acting, directing, and hosting with excellence. He gained popularity with his acting skills first.

Nowadays, he is doing a great job at hosting the “Trivial Pursuit” game show. He also involved himself as the executive producer of the show.

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