Is Robert De Niro Gay? Who Was Gay in Robert’s Family?

Robert De Niro by Josh Jensen licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Robert De Niro is an extraordinary actor. He could make all his characters seem alive in films. In ‘Angel Heart’ played a hinted bisexual role. 

He has also been attacked with gay rumors after acting in the film ‘The Sum of All Fears’ as he was close to his male co-star. Sadly the actor didn’t address the gossip. 

But his open romances and marriages can help us understand his sexual label. So let’s discover Robert De Niro’s involvement with gay movies and his private life.

Robert De Niro and His LGBT Roles

Robert De Niro has played several roles where his characters were gay or bisexual. Here are a few examples:

  1. “The Boys in the Band” (2020) – This historical play was made into a film with an all-gay cast, with De Niro serving as executive producer. So, he didn’t play a gay role, but he was involved as an executive producer. 
  2. “Flawless” (1999) – De Niro portrayed a retired police officer who had a stroke and worked with Philip Seymour Hoffman’s drag queen to get over their respective mental and physical obstacles.
  3. “The Sum of All Fears” (2002) – De Niro featured a high-ranking government figure who is shown to have a male companion, even if his character’s sexual orientation isn’t addressed openly in the film. But fans think the role is gay.
  4. “Angel Heart” (1987) – In this suspenseful supernatural drama, De Niro played the mysterious Louis Cyphre, who is strongly hinted at as bisexual.

It should be noted that an actor’s choice to play a gay or bisexual role does not reflect their sexual orientation. Sadly Niro hasn’t commented about his sexuality to the media.

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Hence, we need to analyze his personal life and discover his sexual preference to understand if he is gay or straight. 

Robert De Niro and His Romances With Female Celebrities

Robert De Niro Jr.’s love life has been interesting since he has been in several well-known partnerships throughout the years. He has had many love relationships before, during, and after his two previous marriages.

In 1976, actor and singer Diahnne Abbott became De Niro’s first wife. De Niro adopted Raphael, a boy Abbott had from a previous relationship, as his own. In 1988, the couple welcomed their son Elliot into the world. But they divorced in 1988, ending their partnership.

After his split from Abbott, De Niro dated famous females, including Uma Thurman and Toukie Smith. He also had a brief romance with model Toukie Smith. None of these romances, however, led to marriage.

De Niro wed his second wife, actress, and philanthropist Grace Hightower, in 1997. The couple remarried in 2004 and welcomed a son named Elliott in 1998.

Nonetheless, their marriage was troubled and was marked by a few public splits and reunions. They finally got a divorce in 2019, after they had separated in 2018.

De Niro has been associated with numerous women over the years, including actresses Karen Duffy and Carole Mallory, despite his marriages and prominent partnerships.

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He has moreover been the subject of ongoing sexuality speculations, but as we already mentioned, he has never commented on those allegations or his sexuality in public. But of course, his marriages and biological children hint at Robert De Niro’s straight sexuality.

Final Words

Niro is a great actor. He has acted in a wide variety of movies. Like other celebrities, his name got involved with gay rumors.

But we checked valid information and discovered he only likes females. So, to us, he isn’t gay but heterosexual.

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