Is Orlando Bloom Gay? Look at His Sexuality Closely

Let's know about Orlando Bloom's sexuality and gay rumors.
Orlando Bloom by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Is Orlando Bloom gay? This question has been bugging his many fans. Since the followers saw him playing gay and bisexual roles, they couldn’t help but search for his actual sexuality.

Orlando Bloom’s love for the gay community may also create doubts, but he is straight. Although the actor didn’t open up about the matter, our analysis of his private life suggests he isn’t gay. Here’s the truth. 

What Gay or Bisexual Roles Orlando Bloom Played?

In some of his roles, Orlando Bloom has portrayed gay or bisexual characters. He took on the role of Lord Alfred Douglas, Oscar Wilde’s lover, in the 1997 movie “Wilde.”

In the 2004 movie “Haven,” he played Joe, a bisexual hustler. Moreover, although the 2005 movie “Elizabethtown” plot was revised, Bloom’s character was initially scripted as bisexual.

Orlando Bloom is an LGBTQ Ally

Orlando Bloom has expressed his support for the LGBTQ+ community by participating in several events and efforts that promote equality and acceptance for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

For instance, he has spoken out against prejudice and intolerance and participated in the “It Gets Better” campaign, which encourages and empowers LGBTQ+ youth.

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He received the “HRC Visibility Award” in 2017 from the Human Rights Campaign, a prominent LGBTQ+ advocacy group, in recognition of his work to promote acceptance and equality. 

Bloom has been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and has used his platform to advocate for this vital cause.

Here’s Why We Believe Orlando Bloom is Straight

Throughout his career, Orlando Bloom’s romantic life has drawn a lot of media attention and rumors. The British actor has been romantically linked to well-known stars, including Miranda Kerr, Kate Bosworth, and Katy Perry.

Kate Bosworth

After meeting Bosworth in 2002 while filming “Blue Crush,” Bloom and Bosworth dated for several years until breaking up in 2006. 

Miranda Kerr

In 2007, he started dating Australian model Miranda Kerr, whom he married in 2010. They had a son named Flynn in 2011, but in 2013, they divorced.

Both parties cited their demanding schedules and the challenges of sustaining a long-distance relationship as the reasons for the breakup.

Katy Perry

Bloom started dating pop sensation Katy Perry in 2016, and the two soon established themselves as one of Hollywood’s most prominent couples.

They were frequently photographed together at red-carpet events and on social media; in 2018, Perry’s appearance wearing a sizable diamond ring fueled engagement speculations. 

However, the pair separated in 2017, with both sides issuing a statement claiming that they had chosen to spend some time apart while remaining friends.

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They reunited in 2018 and got engaged in February 2019. In 2020 they became parents as Katy gave birth to their only daughter. 

Orlando Bloom has maintained his status as a well-liked and well-respected actor in Hollywood despite the ups and downs of his love life. 

His involvement in numerous philanthropic organizations and humanitarian projects, such as his work with UNICEF to raise awareness of the refugee situation, has continued with his work on various film and television projects.

Supporting LGBTQ people is another humanitarian endeavor, so helping them doesn’t prove him gay or bisexual. 

Final Words


Orlando Bloom confused his supporters about his sexual orientation by not addressing gay rumors. Hence, some assumed he could be gay, and others thought he was bisexual. 

They made such assumptions seeing the actor acting romantically with other male actors in various films. However, the truth is Blooom likes women and is heterosexual.

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