Is Martin Short Gay? All About His Sexuality

Life was not easy for Martin Short, one of the best Canadian comedians. He is best known for making others laugh, but life was so hard for him that he had no option but to cry in the past. Before becoming 20, he lost 3 beloved members of his family. 

What's Martin Short's actual sexuality? Is he gay or straight?
Martin Short by Mingle Media TV licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Martin was welcomed by his family in 1950. He was one of 5 children of his parents. His parents and the eldest brother passed away sooner than he might have expected.

When he was 12 years old, David, the oldest brother, died in an accident in 1962. In 1967 Martin got shocked again after losing his mother, Olive, suffering from cancer. 

After two years of losing his mother, Martin’s father Charles left him and the other three children alone. With a challenging life, the comedian didn’t stop dreaming. He was ready to treat himself right, so he focused on becoming someone great. 

His professional life started in 1972 by participating in the Godspell production. He then kept rising. Short’s popularity brought him both praise and controversies. He did something unexpected that made people ask, “is Martin Short gay?” 

Let’s remove all confusion regarding Martin’s sexual orientation from “in-depth details about his sexuality.” So, let’s get down to the business. 

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Is Martin Short Gay?

Martin Short was a popular name from 1970 to now. For a long time, no one doubted sexual orientation of Short because, in 1980, he married his wife, Nancy Dolman. He found his love in that production that he used to work for. 

Martin Short's sexuality revealed.
Martin Short by Dominick D Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But something happened in 2017; a picture went viral where Martin Short and Martin Steve were ki*sing. This happened at the AFI event. This one image raised the question if Martin Short is gay or straight.

Well, of course, he is not. The stand-up comedian is now single. However, after Short’s wife Nancy died from cancer in 2010, he and Steve became close friends. 

So then why did he ki*s Steve? The answer is straightforward because they are close friends. That ki*s was a steady one which is considered a friendly ki*s.

Martin Short is not the only celebrity guy who kissed a same gender person. Many celebrities are criticized for giving friendly kisses to other celebrity friends. 

But that’s the only time he is captured kissing a guy. If he were gay for real, he might have left his family and got involved with Steve or another man.

This sounds ridiculous. Of course, it looks odd to see same-s*x people ki*sing one another but to stars; it’s another way of greeting. 

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Hence, don’t blindly trust those news portals that want to prove Martin Short is gay. He is straight, and his strong love for his wife is still helping him to keep his status’ single.’ He was asked about his wife in an interview for AARP magazine

He said, “Our marriage was a triumph. So it’s tough. She died in 2010, but I still communicate with her all the time. It’s ‘Hey Nan,’ you know? How would she react to this decision or that, especially regarding our three kids.” It shows how much Martin Short misses his wife, Nancy. 


Millions love Martin Short, and he has won many hearts with his funny expressions and humorous talks.

Like every other big name, Martin’s sexuality was questioned for giving a kiss to his beloved friend Steve. It made you and others get puzzled, but hey! Now you know Martin Short is straight.

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