Jack Benny Was Gay| Is It Rumor or Truth?

What was Jack Benny's sexual orientation? Was he gay or straight?
Jack Benny by John Atherton licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Jack Benny was considered one of the best actors, humorists, and radio hosts in the middle of the 20th century. With his charm, attractive voice, great sense of humor, and acting skills, he made a huge fan base in a short period. 

With time, his followers grew interested in his sexual orientation since Benny used to stay quiet about his personal affairs.

So was Jack Benny gay? Are there gay rumors about him? Here’s everything you must know about his sexuality and love life. 

What Are Rumors About Jack Benny’s Sexuality? 

Celebrities’ lives mean there will be rumors. There is no difference to Jack Benny. As a star, people made numerous stories about him that were not true.

From Benny’s time with us to this day, many supporters have claimed that this American entertainer was not straight. 

Such allegations are baseless as there is no single evidence to support such claims. As per the media, Jack Benny was a manly guy.

He only had some close male freight and was interested in women. He was married to only one lady with whom he led a beautiful life till the end of his day.

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Although rumors always suggest he was gay, the truth has already been established by Jack Benny that he was heterosexual. 

Jack Benny Had a Wife and a Child, Meaning He Was Straight

Jack Benny haters tried their best to create his image as a gay man, but they failed. It’s easy for anybody to guess that Jack Benny is straight, as he had a wife and a child. Of course, it was a love marriage. The couple were close friends for a long time and slowly fell in love. 

In 1927 Benny married his love of life, Mary Livingstone. They finally became parents after seven years of their marriage in 1934.

Jack Benny with his wife Mary Livingston.
Jack Benny and Mary Livingston by Joe Haupt licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The couple welcomed their only son Joan Benny. Jack Benny and wife Mary lived happily until the legendary actor died on December 26, 1974. 

Here’s Why Some People Believed in Jack Benny’s Gay Rumors

In the mid-20s, the media had less coverage of Jack Benny’s private life. Hence, people had no choice but to take any news seriously.

Although the information about his wedding was covered well, continuous lies spread about Jack Benny confused many of his fans.

Besides, the actor never addressed rumors. As fans knew less about him, they tended to believe whatever they used to hear through gossip. 

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Final Words

Jack Benny was and is still a great entertainer in the United States. His career was successful, but his life was filled with unpleasant rumors.

One such story is that he was gay. But the fact is Jack Benny is straight as he was happily married to a woman and was the father of a biological child.

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