What’s J Balvin Say About His Sexuality? Is He Gay or Straight? 

Born in Colombia, J Balvin has not only achieved fame for his charismatic singing voice but also brought a new kind of taste to the music world. He introduced the world to urban and reggaeton music. 

J Balvin's sexuality is a bit controversial. Let's see whether he's gay or not.
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He began singing reggaeton in 2004 for the first time. It was the beginning of his success. He released two hit singles in 2006. Balvin gradually gained popularity inside and outside his motherland. 

His lifestyle was enough to identify him as straight. But one day, while accepting the ‘Artist of the Year award, he gave a speech that changed people’s thoughts on his sexuality.

So actually, what did he say about his sexuality that day? Let’s find out to understand whether J Balvin is gay or straight. 

J Balvin’s Speech at Premios Los Nuestro Made His Fans He Wanted to Come Out as Gay

In 2016 J Balvin achieved the ‘Artist of the Year Award. After accepting it, he gave a speech where he meant something, but his supporters mistakenly thought he was telling his gay supporters to come out. 

In that speech, the singer said, “I invite you to get out of the box, be yourself. If you have blue hair, pink, yellow; if you have a broken tooth if you have other sexual preferences. Be yourself, fight for your happiness always.” This speech put his several fans puzzled by his gender orientation. Some thought he was thinking of coming out. 

The speculations and assumptions were all over the internet, so the media asked the ‘Mi Gente’ singer if he was actually thinking about coming out of the closet. The celebrity was pretty straightforward when answering. 

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He replied, “If I were gay, I would have already shown you my boyfriend, giving him little kisses, but I love women – and a lot! What I said was that people should do what they feel like and be happy.”

His response was enough to prove the world wrong about his sexual label. When it’s about sharing their private life, there are a few celebrities who are as open as Balvin. That is why he said we would have already known about him being gay or having a boyfriend if the news were true. 

J Balvin is Also Not Bisexual

Some are concerned if J Balvin is gay. Well, if he were bisexual then he wouldn’t have said that he would show us his boyfriend if he has one in his interview we previously talked about. This explains to us that he never had a boyfriend. Besides, J Balvin is so into women.

If you are wondering, is J Balvin in a relationship? Well, yes, ladies! He has been dating Valentine Ferre for years, and they came together at 2022’s Grammy Awards show. Both have become parents. They have a baby boy who was given the name Rio. 

The Forever, My Love singer dated many women in the past before he seriously fell for Ferre. His relationship timeline, parenthood, and interviews all direct us toward J Balvin’s real sexuality, which is straight. 

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Final Words

Balvin is straight because he always dated women. Balvin was never seen partying with guys. He also became a father, and the child’s mother is a female. All these are enough to remove confusion about the Colombian singer’s sexual orientation.


Who is J Balvin’s wife? 

J Balvin is not married. He does not have a wife, but he has a girlfriend he has been dating for six years. 

Why did Mona and J Balvin break up? 

According to media reports, Mona and Balvin were about to get married. But at a point in time, Mona realized they were not right for one another, so they mutually broke up. 

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