Is Elton John Gay, Bi, or Queer? What’s His Actual Sexuality? 

The singer of Cold Heart came out as gay long ago. It’s been over decades since he declared himself homosexual. However, his past relationships with women keep his many fans in confusion. Some still think he is straight but act like a gay for enjoying some privileges. 

Elton John with his husband David Furnish. Is Elton John Gay, Bi, or Queer?
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In the Cannes Film Festival interview, he spoke about how gay men are accepted and privileged for having a different sexual orientation in high societies.

You must be wondering if he is faking about his sexual orientation or if he is a true gay. We’ll tell you the truth so stick to this article from beginning to end to find out every interesting fact about John Elton’s sexuality. 

John Elton Was a Bisexual Before But is Now an Open Gay

John Elton declared himself bisexual in 1976 has later come out as gay. When he used to introduce himself as bisexual, he married a woman named Renate Blauel. They married in 1984 but after four years, the couple split. Although the duo didn’t share the reason for their breakup, we know the reason anyway. 

Elton and Blauel divorced in 1988, the same year he came out as gay. It clears they were having relationship issues since John was not bisexual then. After splitting, he was single for a long time. In 2005 he met with his husband, David Furnish. 

Since both were homosexual, they fell in love, and after getting into a relationship, they married in 2014 after nine years of affair. Everyone in the media knows about his sexuality.

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The singer of ‘Sacrifice’ now gives many interviews and speaks regarding his sexuality openly. He also gives messages to gay people who are hiding their true identities.

In an interview, he shared he loves being gay. The singer said, “I love being gay. I do. And I think I wouldn’t have had the life I’ve had if I hadn’t been gay. And I’m very proud of that.” There is no denying that John Elton’s sexuality is gay when he shares this fact himself with everyone. 

Is Jhon Elton Queer?

“Is John Elton gay?” is not the only thing people are concerned about, some think he is queer. Well, you can call him both gay or queer because the word ‘Queer’ indicates people of sexuality who are not straight.

In that case, any person whether they are gay, bi, or transgender is introduced to society as the queer community. Hence, John Elton is also queer.

Final Words

There are several gay men and women out there who are hiding behind the closet, as Elton did at the beginning. He struggled the way most homosexual people have to. He even made the wrong decision of marrying a woman while he was attracted to a man. 

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As a result, the marriage ended soon. For this reason, he wants to see the hidden gay people come out without feeling hesitant. He thinks it’s wonderful to be one’s self, whether he is straight or queer.


How many marriages has Elton John had? 

John Elton went into many relationships till now with both women and men. But he was only married once in his life. The marriage didn’t last long. He divorced his wife, a woman, four years before becoming gay. 

Who was John Elton’s first lover? 

John Reid was the first man that Elton fell in love with. Reid was his manager when he first fell for him. They used to hang out almost always, and there are even pictures on social media where Elton was kissing Reid. 

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