Is Diana Ross Gay? Which Song Fueled Her Gay Rumors? 

Diana Ross is an American pop star who has produced many hit songs since 1980. She didn’t begin the journey to the world of singing alone. She gave performances being a leader of the famous band Supremes. She was the main vocal artist.  

Let's know about Diana Ross's sexuality closely.
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She gradually earned fame and went for solo singing. Luckily she gained even more popularity with her solo tracks. Although it’s known to most of her supporters that Diana Ross is straight yet, a few people say the singer is gay. 

But why would a considered number of people call her gay? What’s her real sexuality? The answer lies within a song that she sang back in 1980. Exciting, right? Let’s discover the whole matter together. 

Diana Ross’s “I’m Coming Out” Song Fueled Gay Rumors

While Diana Ross’s sexuality is straight, she was once considered gay. In 1980, her hit song ‘I’m Coming Out’ was released. Although the song didn’t have anything related to gayism, the lyrics were powerful, so the gay commute made it their anthem. 

Well, this was not an issue for Diana. The problems arose when she was repeatedly asked about her sexuality since people started to imagine the pop star as a homosexual person.

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The song’s producer, Nile Rodgers, clarified everything in an interview. ‘I’m Coming Out ‘was not even a part of the lyrics, but it accidentally made a place there. Nile told the New York Post,

“Ross loved the song, connecting with the empowering lyrics, but she “didn’t understand that that was a gay thing, that that was a person saying, ‘I’m coming out of the closet, She didn’t even get that.”

Ross didn’t explain the whole thing by herself doesn’t mean the producer was trying to hide her identity.

As Nile was the one who added some lyrics, especially the “I’m coming out” part had to make everyone understand the whole story.

Hence, we can say Diana Ross isn’t gay according to her I’m Coming Out song producer, then let’s finally take a look at her real sexuality next.

Diana Ross’s Sexuality Seems Straight

The ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ singer seems straight because she was married twice in her life to men and also had affairs. In her entire life, she was never reported to have a girlfriend. Also, Ross always stayed close to men other than women. 

The talented singer had her first marriage in 1971. She married the music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein. They were couples for a long before getting married.

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Together the duo welcomed three children into their family. Their children are Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Chudney Ross, and Tracee Ellis Ross. Sadly the couple ended their marriage after six years, in 1971.

The second time she married Arne Naes, Jr who was a businessman. They too had an affair before marrying and became the biological parents of two children, Ross Naes and Evan Ross. The couple enjoyed 15 years of their married life and got split in 2000.

If Diana were gay, she already would have come out. Since she didn’t label her sexuality as gay or bi, we can believe her a straight woman as she had only men in all her love stories. 

Besides, her song I’m Coming Out was never a gay song however the LGBT community made it one of their national anthems. So, that song had no message coming out from its singer.

Final Words

Diana Ross is not a lesbian or bisexual. She labeled her sexuality as straight. A misunderstanding from one song made her listeners doubt her identity. However, sooner everything was disclosed, and now her fans, including you, know the truth.


What changes did Diana Ross face? 

Ross’s entire career was filled with difficulties. She had to undergo several controversies, and her followers even doubted her sexuality. The singer was in dispute in many places. While she was popular, she was adored enough in the past. 

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What are Diana Ross’s most famous songs? 

Here is some popular music by Diana Ross.

Endless love

I’m coming out

Upside down

Turn up the sunshine

If we hold on together etc. 

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