Is V from BTS Gay? What’s His Sexual Orientation? 

BTS is now considered one of the top brands globally. Every band member, including V, aka Kim Tae-Hyung, is adored by the young generation. 

V is the most popular in the group for having a charismatic voice and eye-catching looks. He was even hailed as the most handsome face in the world in 2018. Not only his face, but fans are also crazy about his unique styles. 

V by Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

Unfortunately, for some reason and behavior, V has been facing controversies for the last 3 years. His sexuality is being questioned. 

Why do some doubt his sexual orientation, and is V from BTS gay? What’s his sexual orientation? We are about to discuss this with you. So, if you are here to find out the truth about V, let’s begin to read the stories. 

Kim Tae Gay Rumors

There is a huge misconception about all the BTS members. That is, they are gay. As a member of BTS V aka Kim Tae-Hyung is also gay. Kim lovers get triggered by those trying to prove the singer a homosexual.

So, is V gay for real? No, he is not. V is straight, then why do some people keep trying to prove him gay? The answer lies in this video. 

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V and J-hope once kissed for 5 seconds. However, they had to kiss as punishment. But some took this small clip seriously and started promoting Kim Tae as gay. But if you carefully look at V’s expressions, you will clearly understand he was so embarrassed before and while kissing J-hope. 

V has also captured cuddling and kissing other BTS members on their ears and neck. This behavior made people doubt his sexuality. 

Since BTS members have been close friends for so long, this friendship eventually turned into a brotherly bond of love. Kissing or hugging one another is nothing but a way of expressing the brotherly love among them. Some take advantage of these moments and try to ruin V and other members’ reputations. 

V by Taehyung’s Moment licensed under CC BY 4.0

Although some people will always say V is gay, he proved all the gay rumors wrong by revealing his life’s first love story in an interview. So, who was V’s, first love? Let’s explore. 

V Had One-sided Feelings in His High School 

In an interview, Kim Tae was asked to say something about his first love. Luckily he shared the story. 

V said, “I had one-sided love with a girl in the past. We were classmates; I would tease her, and she would laugh. And I thought she was into me too. I remember I was a bit of a clown. I would do silly things and make silly faces just to make her laugh. I remember one day I decided to call her to confess my feelings. Well, she didn’t pick up.” V began to laugh. Also, he was captured enjoying romantic moments with some mysterious girls.

These are enough to prove V’s sexuality is straight and if you wonder why he is not dating anyone right now? The possibilities could be two. One, he is too busy with his career that he might fail to spend time with his lover, or two, he doesn’t want to hurt his female supporters who have a serious crush on him. 

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Why does Tae call himself V?

V is Kim Tae’s stage name. V means ‘victory’. He was suggested to pick one stage name: Lex, Six, or V. He was confused about which to choose, but the PD and BTS members helped him to select V as his stage name. They said this name suits him the best. 

Who is Kim Tae-Hyung Crush? 

Kim Tae from BTS, popular as V, once said he has a celebrity crush, and her name is Lily Collins from PINKVILLA. 


V is considered the most dashing member of BTS, and most female fans have a serious crush on him. Some are his diehard fans, so he is their ‘Oppa’ to them. If you also consider Kim Tae your Oppa, feel glad because he is straight.

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