Is Jimin Gay or Straight? What is Jimin’s Sexuality? 

Jimin is one of the most loved K-pop stars. When Jimin was born, no one could have imagined he would become this successful in life. He used to live a simple life with his small family consisting father, mother, and younger brother. 

Jimin made fewer friends in school, and as per the reports, he used to have only one female friend named Sujin. Some think she and Jimin are dating, but this is an unconfirmed rumor. 

A close look at Is Jimin's sexuality? Is he gay or straight? Let's see.
Jimin by Mischief Managed BTS licensed under CC BY 4.0

Like all the other B.T.S. members, Jimin fans are curious to know his true sexuality. We will look at some reports today and try to find out if is Jimin gay or straight. What is Jimin’s sexual orientation? So, if you are ready, let’s begin. 

Is Jimin Gay? Did He Label His Sexuality?

While most B.T.S. members’ sexuality is simple to assume, Jimin’s is mysterious. According to some fans, Jimin is straight, and to others, he is gay. So, what could be the truth? As a part of B.T.S. Jimin has to hide his sexuality. 

Is Jimin Gay? Did He Label His Sexuality?
Jimin by Mischief Managed BTS licensed under CC BY 4.0

None of the B.T.S. members confirmed whether they were gay or straight, but we can assume their sexuality by looking at some videos where they confessed to having a crush on women. However, Jimin seems never to have much interest in ladies, and he didn’t even speak of having a female crush. 

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It’s a big reason for calling him gay. Another reason for considering him gay is he publicly kissed other B.T.S. members. In one concert, he was thrown on the bed after getting kissed by one of the singers. Ladies were screaming at the moment he was kissing.

Since Jimin is a heartthrob, there is always a risk in publicizing his relationship (if he is into any). Because some female followers are so into the B.T.S. singers that can’t stand them with any woman, whether a star or not. Without his confirmation, we can’t say Jimin is gay or straight. 

Also, when it comes to having a past relationship, Jimin seemed to have a single life. Still, some fans think he had a relationship with his school friend and are still in contact. She is so close to Jimin that he called her for the Paris trip and clicked pictures together.

Sujin might be the one that Jimin fell for; however, both express themselves as friends on social media. In another viral video, Jimin talked about his girlfriend with V without mentioning her name. 

He said, “Ah. It’s my girlfriend, she’s really pretty. No joke.” V wanted to see the girl, and Jimin replied, “Should I show you later? Just wait a little bit. Ah. A.R.M.Y., it’s been a while. Our promotions ended today. And then suddenly I wanted to see you, so now I am calling you.” [Source: YouTube]

Most think he was dating someone who was a big fan of Jimin and a part of the B.T.S. A.R.M.Y. So, is Jimin gay? Or is Jimin straight? It’s still a riddle. Let’s assume he is straight until he comes out as gay. 

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Does Jimin have any crush?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jimin once told an interviewer that he had a crush on Rachel McAdams, the actor in ‘The Notebook.’

Why is Jimin not active on Instagram? 

Recently Jimin came live and told the viewers he is afraid to use Instagram because he thinks there is a risk for him to press the wrong buttons for which he might get into trouble. 


Jimin’s sexuality is mostly questioned because it’s hard to assume whether he is gay, straight, or bisexual. 

To some fans, he is their imaginary boyfriend, and they believe Jimin is straight, while other claims him to be gay for sharing intimate moments with other B.T.S. members. 

He can be anything, but until he speaks about his sexual orientation, we shouldn’t disrespect him and hurt his fans by calling him gay. 

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