Is Jungkook Gay or Straight? A Close Look At His Sexuality

Jungkook is a famous singer who sings as a member of the Top band in the world called BTS. He is the youngest singer in the group. He made many females fall for his charm. He is not only cute but also charismatic. 

Jungkook By Dispatch photograpther Min Kyung-bin Licensed under CC BY 3.0

Since he mostly has female followers, we often find them questioning whether is Jungkook gay or straight. As the girls are crazy for this K-pop sensational singer, his fans do something more than just like him.

He is the crush of millions of ladies and if you are one of them, let’s take a close look at his sexuality to confront you with the truth that he is straight. 

Is Jungkook Gay?

Jungkook is one of the 7 members of BTS who gained worldwide fans through his K-pop songs. People are crazy worldwide for his singing, but like every other BTS member, his followers have questions about his sexuality. 

They are often criticized and considered gay for kissing other group members and cuddling each other. But this time, this is not the case. He was once again criticized for liking a playlist on Spotify. That playlist was titled ‘Gender, $2&:!!’ and had a fictional photo of the well-known homosexual couple Marceline and Bubblegum. 

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They made it an issue and tried to represent Jungkook as gay on social media platforms like Twitter. A guy named Warii shared that playlist on Twitter and added this caption, “These playlists are so gay; in conclusion, Jungkook is gay.”

Another user posted, “Jungkook gay he is so fu**ing gay he kisses boys and daydreams about going on cute dates and holding hands cuddling with them. In June, if you see him at pride holding the biggest fun**ing rainbow flag u’hv ever seen, that’s bc he is gay Jungkook gay. He’s so fu**king gay.” 

Such posts created confusion among many fans, and their eagerness grew to know, “is Junkook gay, straight or bisexual?” The truth lies in his dating history. The hotshot singer had several beautiful girlfriends. Let’s look at his past relationships in order to explore his sexuality. 

Jungkook’s Dating History

A superstar like Jungkook had several girlfriends, but he only revealed one. The singer told in an interview about his girlfriend that he used to have in his school. He went into a relationship with his classmate named Park See Won. 

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Some of Jungkook’s fans claimed they found an image of them kissing and shared it on social media. However, neither Jungkook nor Park have confirmed that it was them in the picture. Sadly they broke up soon because the girl she used to like was popular in the school, which was often bringing issues in their relationship.

Jungkook is also rumored to have had an affair with many girls, and his close pictures with several girls went viral. We have shared some of Jungkook’s close images with different girls. However, now he is single. 

Fans and paparazzi think he dated those girls, but the singer seems to like keeping his love life a secret. Maybelline, it’s because he doesn’t want to lose his female fans. These images clearly express that Jungkook’s sexuality is straight and that being gay is nothing but a rumor. 


Is BTS a queer? 

BTS members are not queer, but they openly support gays. They often talk about the rights of LGBTQ. For this reason, some think BTS members are queer. 

How is the Crush of Jungkook? 

According to some reports, Jungkook has a crush on a celebrity singer named Lee Jieun. She is popularly known as IU. 

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Although BTS members are not gay yet, they have been going through controversies about their sexuality because of doing unusual stuff on camera, like kissing one another. 

They also like LGBTQ, creating doubts about their gender among their fans. Hence, Jungkook as a BTS member is still facing questions about his sexual orientation. Luckily now you know he is straight.

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