Is BTS Gay or Straight Band? Who is Gay In BTS Members?

BTS is a band that exists everywhere in the world. Because it has supporters worldwide, its full form is Bangtan Boys. Although the band was developed in 2010, it launched in 2013. 

The band includes seven members whose stage names are RM, V, Jungkook, Suga, J Hope, Jimin and Jin. Unfortunately, they are often called and promoted gay by some clickbait titles. Such titles created doubts about the singers’ sexuality. 

BTS members sexuality is under a lot of doubts. Let's clear the doubts and see whether BTS members are gay or straight.
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Here you will know the truth  “is BTS a gay or straight band? Who is gay in BTS members?” As a true fan, before judging them, let’s know the facts and stop believing in fake pieces of information. So, let’s explore the sexuality of this band’s hotshot members. 

Are BTS Members Gay or Not?

The Journey of BTS began in 2013. Since then, it has become a name that is known internally and is considered one of the world’s leading bands. In the beginning, its seven members only got praise, but sooner people started to notice their lifestyle and doubted their sexuality. 

At present, a large population of the world are diehard fans of this Korean band because of the young, handsome singers with charismatic voices. However, the band is also hated by a minor number of people. 

Some BTS haters and a few supporters think the band members are gay. This misconception grew after observing them wearing makeup like women and having no girlfriends. 

But is BTS a gay band in real? Or is BTS straight? Who is gay in BTS members? We are about to tell you everything about BTS’s sexuality. Let’s go through the seven members’ sexuality one by one to know are BTS members gay or not.

Is BTS Leader RM Gay?

Starting from RM, aka Kim Nam-joon, since he is the band leader. He often wears heavy makeup, for which he appears like a girl in cameras.

He is also found getting close with other members of the band. Such behaviour and appearance are the major reasons why he is called gay by some men. 

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However, he wears makeup because it’s a part of their culture. Most Korean celebrities wear light makeup and lipstick. We must understand that putting makeup on can’t change a person’s gender. RM is interested in women, and he called his army fangirls his girlfriends in one interview with ET. 

According to this young star, he doesn’t require a girlfriend when thousands of girlfriends are waiting for him at the show. 

Is V Gay?

V has been chosen as the world’s most handsome face in 2018 and 2022. Yet his sexual orientation is misunderstood. While he is straight, a minor number of people think he is gay. However, there are reasons for mistaking his sexuality. 

Although he is considered the most handsome in the world, having no girlfriend and spending cute moments with another artist J-Hope made him a homosexual to many. 

Kim Tae-Hyung might not have been dating for years, but he had feelings of love when he was a high school student. The dashing member of the BTS shared his first love story in an interview with Mnet, which clarifies his sexuality as straight. 

What’s Jungkook’s Sexuality?

Jungkook has gained global popularity for singing in a group and for his solo hit tracks. Jungkook wears piercings and puts makeup on like other band members, for which he is also called gay; however, he is straight. 

But Jungkook is the singer with the most leaked dating pictures. He is seen being romantic with girls. Some say those photos are edited, but his fans claim they discovered those leaked pictures from verified sources. 

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Also, his picture from school went viral on the internet where he was kissing a girl. Rumors say he dated several women, but since he is the craze of millions of women, the proof of his relationships is removed. 

A Close look at Jimin’s sexuality

Jimin is the best singer at BTS. He not only looks like a woman when wearing makeup but also acts like a girl. It’s hard to identify him as a boy when he puts makeup on. 

His appearance is the main reason to call him gay. But Jimin’s sexuality is straight. He has been rumored to be dating his school friend Sujin for years. The singer invited her, and they spent time together in Paris, France. 

Everything About Suga’s Sexual Orientation

Suga is considered the cutest among the seven boys. But he doesn’t look or act like a woman. So why would some represent him as gay on social media? It’s because he lives with the boys. 

Every member of BTS lives together. Hence, they are thought to be gay, including Suga. The truth about his sexuality is that he is a straight guy. He had secret dates and some fans got his pictures with cute girls. 

The singer never admitted to having an affair and going on dates, but the pictures tell us something. As a member of the world’s best band, he must keep his life secret. 

J Hope’s Sexuality

J Hope’s closeness with V created questions regarding his sexuality in his fan’s and haters’ minds. Both singers are criticized more for behaving like they like each other. 

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There are several videos where Jung Ho-Seok and Kim Tae-Hyung are captured hugging and giving each other soft kisses. But we should mention that Hobi is also rumored to be in a relationship with the singer Rose. 

Whenever he and Rose can manage time, they go on dates, and so many selfies of the duo go viral after they leaked. Their closeness gives a hint of having feelings for one another. So, J Hope is, of course, straight. If he were gay, he wouldn’t go on dates with Rose so often. 

What’s Jin’s Sexual Orientation?

If someone thinks Jin is gay, they know nothing about him. He is a flirt king, and according to RM, the master singer will be the one to get married first. 

He seems to show interest in girls the most. Jin was invited to various game shows to play with girls and didn’t miss a chance to flirt with them, throwing flying kisses and impressing them with his pickup lines. 

Also, the ‘Epiphany’ singer appears with almost no makeup. He wears dresses like men models, which rather increases his charms. 

His sexuality is being questioned only for not dating anyone, but he might be single because the straight singer is more focused on his career than his personal life. 

Final Words

BTS has gained fame internationally thanks to the seven-member boys. Naturally, the band is loved by some and hated by few. 

Mostly haters spread fake information, such as BTS is a band of gay men. It triggers and also confuses most followers. Hence, we revealed their sexuality; the seven members are straight.

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