Is Conan Gray Gay or Queer? His Sexuality and Dating Life Revealed

Conan Gray’s career began through YouTube. His journey on that platform started in 2013. When he was only 15, he gained a few followers. He used to post vlog videos that had his daily life tasks. Conan’s way of vlogging brought him praise soon. 

What's Conan Gray's sexuality? Is He gay or queer?
Conan Gray by Brian Ziff licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

After gaining a good amount of followers on his YouTube channel, he posted music and artistic videos. He also earned fame through singing. The first debut, ‘Idle Town’, achieved more than 12 million views on YouTube and 14 million streamers on Spotify. 

After gaining success, he got so many questions from fans, including “is Conan Gray gay? What’s his sexual orientation?” If you don’t know what he answered regarding it, stick with us from now to the end because his sexual life and dating life have been revealed here. 

There is No Evidence That Supports the Claim Conan Gray is Gay

There is no evidence or anything that indicates Gray can be gay. He even doesn’t have a gay friend according to his social media accounts.

Although he once posted on Twitter about a gay drama where he said it was a fanfic where his fan made him a character named BEAU, Tom Holland was playing himself and that there was a gay drama. Also, his dressing like a girl sparked gay rumors.

He added the Instagram post of that fan and captioned it, “yesterday my friend and I wanted to see if there were any fanfics about me and OMFG we found the JUICIEST most EMOTIONALLY THROWING Instagram role play about ME and TOM HOLLAND 10/10 good read.”

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He seemed excited that he was in a gay fanfiction drama and that was why people began to doubt his sexuality. We must notice that that drama is fanfiction, meaning that it was made for entertainment purposes only. That can’t be a prove of Conan Gray being gay.

Some Conan Gray Music Videos Indicates He Might Be Bisexual

When it comes to romantic life and sexuality, Gray seems to get tricky. He never spoke about which sexual orientation he belongs to. But watching his music video and Instagram posts, people have speculated he is bisexual.

In some records of his songs, the singer showed love stories where a person is attracted to both men and women. In one video, he literally made his friend Ashley his boyfriend, for which his followers are also convinced that he might be bisexual.

In 2019 he posted a picture on the popular platform Instagram where his male friend Matty was kissing him on the cheek while hugging him tightly. There was no hesitation on Conan’s face. This post made a lot of people believe he is not heterosexual. 

Depending on the speculations, it can be said that Conan Gray’s sexuality might be bi or not. Until we get confirmation, there is no way we can label his sexual orientation since he doesn’t like to box it. He was so pissed in 2018 about people often asking about his sexuality that he Tweeted with anger. 

He wrote in the post, “Y’all are so annoying. All y’all ever wanna do is place a label on me just let me f*ckin exist what the f*ck. Here’s the f*cking deal. If labels on sexuality and gender and beliefs and all that great stuff are helpful for you, I’m all for it. U do u. But the second u start trying to shove everyone else into a neat little easy to understand box, I get mad. Stop! please! F*cking stop!” 

What Conan Gray’s Dating Life tells Us

Gray’s love life is so private we don’t know if he dates ladies or guys. There aren’t any pictures of him going on dates.

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Also, he has been showing himself as the single from the very beginning. Since we haven’t seen him becoming too intimate with men, we can’t think of him as queer but straight. 

Final Words

Conan keeps long hair and is pretty close with his male friends, for which many made up gay stories about him. However, the truth is his sexual orientation is straight.

Besides, Gray does not like limiting his sexuality by labeling it. It’s his personal choice. Just for denying to mark his sexual orientation, we can’t think or call him homosexual.


Is Conan Gray Married? 

Conan hasn’t married yet. As a celebrity, he too might take time to choose a life partner. 

Is Conan Gray’s real name Conan Gray? 

Generally, most YouTubers don’t use their real name on their channel. For this reason, many thought Conan Gray might not be the singer’s and YouTuber’s actual name. Well, it is indeed his real name, and his full name is Conan Lee Gray. 

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