Is Rick Astley Gay? Why Do People Have Doubts On His Sexuality?

Rick Astley is an excellent British singer and songwriter. Who were active in the music industry for many decades.

Rick Astley singing gay lyrics song. Is Rick Astley Gay?
Rick Astley by Wjack12 licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

In the 1980s, he gave the world of music some hit songs and achieved global popularity. Rick’s hit songs include ‘Never Gonna Give You Up, Whenever You Need Somebody, and Together Forever.’ 

He even worked on radio stations as a podcaster and DJ. Astley was involved with music after completing school. He joined the Soul Band FBI as a drummer.

Who knew a drummer would become such a famous singer after only three years? In 1987 Stock Aitken Waterman helped him release his first-ever album, “Whenever You Need Somebody.” 

The album was a success, and 15.2 million copies were sold worldwide. The album’s super hit was Never Gonna Give You Up in 25 countries.

This song alone brought the 1988 Brit Award to Astley for Best British Single. Rick achieved success faster than he thought he would. In the same way, he quickly retired from singing. 

This decision was made for Astley’s daughter Emilie who landed on Earth in 1992. Rick announced he would not focus on singing but on his family. Since then, he has not been highlighted, but his fans still remember him and want to know more about him. 

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For a long time, a question was floating on the internet regarding Astley, “is Rick Astley gay? What’s his actual sexuality?” You already know the answer, since he has a daughter and is married to a woman Rick Astley is straight.

Today we will find out why people are making such weird queries. So, let’s find the story behind Rick Astley’s gay rumors. 

Rick Astley Gay Rumors

Rick gained fame with his first album, but one of his songs also made him go through criticism. The controversy started with his song “Never Gonna Give You Up,” where he said he was gay and had feelings for a guy. 

Here are the lyrics of that song that indicated him a gay, 

“Gotta make you understand

I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling

Never gonna love you

Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see

I’m thinking of a guy.” [Source: YouTube

However, some haters of Rick Astley cut and added various clips from the same song and made it look like he is admitting he is gay. These lyrics lead many people to doubt his sexuality. 

Besides, Rick didn’t hesitate to sing this. Since most singers sing what they have to tell the world, his fans thought this was the message he wanted to give everyone that ‘he is gay.’ 

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Is Rick Astley gay or bisexual? Some also thought he was bisexual. But after marrying his girlfriend Lene Bausager and giving birth to their beautiful girl Emilie Astley, the misunderstandings about his sexual orientation faded away.

Rick Astley didn’t answer questions regarding this fake news. After marrying Lene, he suddenly went private and is still keeping his distance from the media. 

Whatever he said in that song was nothing but part of the lyrics, and now you know it was fabricated. Those, of course, were not the words of Rick Astley. 


Rick Astley is considered an iconic English songwriter and singer. He is one of the few singers of the 80s who sold album copies of over 40 million globally. He presented legendary songs for three decades on the chart of top songs. 

The song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ was a life-changing one. He gained supporters and haters who tried to bring the singer into controversy. But Astley didn’t stress himself or his family thinking about so much ridiculous gossip. 

Such a flying gossip is “Rick Astley is gay,” but luckily, only a few people think him gay. Like us, the rest of his followers know Rick Astley’s sexuality is straight.

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