Is Prince Royce Gay or Bi? Everything About His Sexuality

In 2022 Prince Royce shocked us by announcing his separation from his ex-wife Emeraude Toubia. It became hurt, breaking news for those who considered them an idol pair. 

What's Prince Royce's sexual orientation? Is he gay, bisexual, or straight?
Prince Royce by Lunchbox LP licensed under CC BY 2.0

After getting divorced, Prince Royce’s sexuality became questioned. Some started to think he was a closeted gay and couldn’t make his marriage with a lady last longer. 

Here’s the answer to your question, “is Prince Royce gay?” and his reason for marrying a woman. 

The Reason Why Some Prince Royce’s Fans Believe He Could Be Gay or Bi 

If you notice carefully, you will see that almost 90% of gay men have fluffy lips. Now you can go and notice Prince Royce’s lips too.

Aren’t they fluffy? Of course, they are. Plastic surgery experts believe the ‘El Ciavo’ singer added fillers to lips to make them look fluffier. 

This one change brought a huge change in Royce’s overall appearance. He looks a bit gay. This look made most of his fans think he must be gay or bi.

But the singer neither confirmed his plastic surgery nor sexuality rumors. Since he didn’t declare himself homosexual or bisexual, we shouldn’t share false news about him. 

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Prince Royce Was Married to a Woman

We checked Prince Royce’s dating history, and it had no other name but his ex-wife’s. Yes, there’s no evidence that Prince Royce dated a guy, but there are proofs of him dating Emeraude Toubia openly. 

Since the “Darte un Beso” singer was in a relationship and married to a lady, he is straight. Royce and Emeraude started their love journey in 2011. Until 2016 the pair kept it a secret and finally got engaged in 2017. 

The pair tied the knot in 2018. It was so amazing to see them getting married. They were happily married for 4 years. On 7th March 2022, they announced to get a divorce. Now both have separated, and they have no children together. 

The pair’s divorce was indeed unacceptable. However, through his love and married life, we discover Prince Royce’s sexuality is straight. 

Final Words

Considering Prince Royce as gay at first glance is normal. He does look like gay men most of the time for pulpy lips. But the truth is different. Prince Royce isn’t gay. 

He had a long-term affair with Emeraude Toubia for 7 years and married her for 4 more years. This shows he is completely attracted to women. Royce broke up in March 2022. He is currently single.

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