Is Phil Collins Gay? Look At His Sexuality and Wives

Phil Collins has made many fans throughout his career, including people from the 1980s to the 2000s. So he has a vast fan base. These supporters have various questions regarding Phil Collins’s life and personal matters. 

Why is Phil Collins's sexuality being questioned? Let's know the truth.
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Is Phil Collins gay? It’s a common question. Although he was married thrice, he also divorced them. Why couldn’t he make his marriage life successful?

This has led some fans to doubt his sexuality. Hence, today we will share Phil Collins’ sexuality and explain more personal things. 

Phil Collins Never Came Out As a Gay

Phil Collins is a prominent singer. So there are haters who try to ruin his good reputation. While Phil Collins Never came out as gay, some people try to portray this legendary singer as homosexual. 

But it’s unacceptable for both him and his true fans that some are spreading lies without his confirmation. ‘In the Air, Tonight’ singer never announced his sexuality as gay. 

Also, we should remind you that straight stars don’t necessarily label their sexuality. Since the media finds out who they date or get married to, it becomes assumable that they are heterosexual. 

Phil Collins and His Three Wives 

Phil Collins must be straight because he was married to three women. The sad part is none of his marriages lasted long. He also has 5 children. Here are the details of his wives and children. 

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Andrea Bertorelli 

Andrea Bertorelli is a Canadian actress. She is more famous as Phil Collins’ wife than as an actress. The beautiful lady and Phil Collins’s dating history is unknown, but the pair got wed in 1975. 

They were married for 5 years, and Andrea gave birth to two children. The couple’s first child is Joely Collins. She was welcomed by the couple even before they were married in 1972. 

Joely is now an actress and worked in films including Diamond Girl, Becoming Redwood, Almost Heaven, etc. Andrea and Phil’s second child is Simon Collins. He became a popular singer and drummer. He was born to the couple in 1976. In 1980 Phil and Andrea split. 

Jill Tavelman 

Jill Tavelman and Phil Collins tied the knot in 1984 after dating for some time. Jill lived 12 long years as Collins’ wife.

She also gave birth to a pretty daughter and our favorite actress Lily Collins. She is famous for acting in ‘Emily in Paris.’ Tavelman and Collins called it quits in 1996. 

Orianne Cevey 

Orianne Cevey is the last lady Phil Collins married. The pair got wed in 1999. She also made Phil Collins the father of two children: Nicholas Collins (a drummer) and Matthew Collins (a virtual artist). In 2008 they officially divorced, and Orianne is currently married to Thomas Bates. 

Final Words

Phil Collins, a great singer, is misunderstood as gay by a few groups of people. They are misled by haters who like to spread false information about celebrities. 

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The reality is Phil Collins is heterosexual. He didn’t label his sexuality as homosexual. Besides, he married three high-profile ladies and became the father of their children.

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