Is Kenny Loggins Gay? His Sexuality and Wives Details

We should thank Kenny Loggins for presenting us with some evergreen tracks. He is indeed one of the best singers alive. Have you heard his songs from The Top Gun movie? 

A close look at Kenny Loggins' sexuality, wives, and married life timeline.
Kenny Loggins by Jamie Lantzy licensed under CC BY 3.0

They’re definitely masterpieces. But do you know that one of the film’s songs made Kenny Loggins fans think he could be gay? However, the truth is entirely different. 

We’re here to share the correct information about Kenny Loggins’ sexual orientation, rumors, and more about his personal life. So, let’s take a deep look together. 

Kenny Loggins and The Top Gun Movie’s Gay Song

Ever wondered why Kenny Loggins is thought to be gay? It’s because he once sang a song in the movie Top Gun with some gay scenes. The music was played during those intimate homosexual scenes. 

Since then, Kenny Loggins’ Playing With the Boys song is also known as a gay song. That’s how Loggins’ sexuality became a question. But most people don’t know that the song was not about gay love but brotherly love. 

Kenny Loggins’s Sexuality Label is Straight

Kenny Loggins is straight. If anyone calls him gay, know that he is lying. The singer of Danger Zone has not declared his sexual orientation as homosexual or bisexual. 

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Since he was Interviewed many times, Loggins had chances to come out, but he didn’t. It’s enough to understand that Kenny Loggins is heterosexual.

Kenny Loggins Wives and Children Details

Kenny Loggins must be straight, or else he wouldn’t get married twice to women and have 5 children. Here are the details of his family. 

Eva Lin 

Eva Lin was the I’m Alright singer’s first wife. She is an actress and has acted in several films, including All I Want for Christmas, My Three Sons, and Caddyshack. 

Kenny tied the knot with Eva in 1978. The pair became parents of three children in a long married life of 12 years. 

Their first child is Crosby Loggins. He landed on earth on 15th December 1980. He is currently famous as a songwriter and singer. Eva and Kenny’s second child is Cody Loggins. 

He was born in 1983, and there’s not much information about him. Their last child is Isabella Loggins, who was welcomed by the couple in 1988. She, too, keeps herself away from the limelight. 

Julia Cooper 

Julia Cooper and the Meet Me Halfway singer wed in 1992. Since Julia wasn’t a star, there must be data about her online. 

She gave birth to her first and Kenny’s fourth child Lukas Loggins 1993. Julia’s second and Loggins’ fifth child is Hannah Loggins. She was born in 1997. 

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Final Words

Kenny Loggins got famous with his song Playing With the Boys for the Top Gun movie. But fame comes with controversies. 

Since the movie has some gay romance scenes, Kenny’s song and his sexuality were misinterpreted by some fans. 

But if you look at his personal life, you will understand that Kenny Loggins is not gay but straight. After all, he only married ladies and has 5 biological children.

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