Is Jamie Campbell Bower Gay? What’s His Sexuality?

These days fashion makes people look completely different than their usual looks. Still, it’s trendy to be fashionable for celebrities and ordinary people. 

Jamie Campbell Bower isn't gay. He is straight and dates only women.
Jamie Campbell by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But what if you suddenly are called gay for trying every kind of fashion? Unacceptable right? That’s what happens to our favorite star Jamie Campbell Bower. 

He has been facing gay rumors for a long time for wearing piercings and earrings. Here are the details of gay rumors and his actual sexuality. 

Jamie Campbell Bower Has Been Misunderstood as a Gay

Jamie Campbell Bower has both fans and haters. People who don’t like Jamie Campbell have always tried to represent him on the internet through meaningless videos and articles. 

They also got successful in ruining his name. Now some people do believe Bower to be homosexual. But this is an entirely made-up story. Bower never appeared like gay people, even in a movie. Besides, he openly dated female stars. 

So it’s ridiculous to consider his sexual orientation as another label. Did Jamie Campbell bower say anything about his gay rumors? Let’s find out. 

Jamie Campbell Bower Prefers Avoiding Answering Sexual Questions

If Jamie Campbell Bower had said something about his sexuality label, it would have vanished all unacceptable homosexual rumors about him. 

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But the saddest thing is he keeps avoiding sexuality-related questions. There’s not a single record or interview where Jamie Campbell bower admitted to being either gay or bisexual, which means he is straight. 

Jamie Campbell Bower Wore Earrings and Piercings

This is another good reason for the ‘Stranger Things’ actor’s fans to consider him gay. It’s because most gay men love wearing jewelry.

These days they do make-up and wear different earrings and piercings. There are many photos of Bower wearing such jewelry online. 

Jamie Campbell’s Dating Life Will Find Us His Sexuality

Jamie Campbell has dated many women, but only two are public and with evidence. So there should be no doubt about his love life. 

When we looked at Jamie’s personal life, we found a lady with whom ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part 1’ actor dated openly. 

He was so serious about her that he got engaged to that pretty woman. It was no one else but one of his co-stars Bonnie Wright. 

They dated for years but declared themselves as a couple in 2010. The following year Wright and Bower got engaged. However, after a year, on 30th June 2012, they broke up. 

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He is also currently in a serious relationship. Bower has been dating Jess Moloney for almost 2 years. She owns the Ice Studio. 

Since Jamie Campbell Bower is having a public affair with a female, there’s no doubt that his sexuality is straight. 

Final Words

Jamie Campbell Bower made many people rethink his sexual orientation label through his looks sometimes. Gay rumors about the actor continued till he began dating once again with his current girlfriend, Jess Moloney. They are a great pair, and now his fans hope they will marry.

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