Is Kid Cudi Gay or Straight? Why Do Fans Have Doubts About His Sexuality?

Kid Cudi’s real name is Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi. He was born in America and became an international-level rapper, actor, songwriter, and singer.

Kid Cudi wearing women's costumes that fueled his gay rumors.
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Although his lyrics reflect his childhood depression, trauma, and loneliness, the singer’s fans can also relate. Generally, Cudi lives and talks like an ordinary man and doesn’t behave like homosexual people.

Still, gay rumors are swirling around about him. He once wore a weird dress which is usually women’s clothing. From that day onwards, he is thought of as gay. 

But is Kid Cudi Gay for real or straight? Let’s learn in detail why fans have doubts about his sexuality

Is Kid Cudi Gay, or Straight?

Kid Cudi never hesitates to express his sense of fashion. He publicly walks wearing anything he likes, whether the dress is a manly or womanly type. He’s been thought of as gay for a pretty long time.

Since the singer began to color his nails and wear eyeshadow and eyeliner, followers and haters had no options left but to doubt his sexuality. 

The biggest reason for asking about his sexual orientation is he keeps it a secret. Like other stars, many interviewers tried to get answers from Cudi that what is his sexual interest. But the ‘Need for Speed’ actor wisely avoided them all the time. 

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For this reason, his sexual label has become a suspicious thing to all. When in 2021, he showed himself up at CFDA Awards wearing a bridal gown, it left everyone stunned. From that day onwards, the rumors became more intensified. Still, Kid Cudi avoids answering why he didn’t label his sexuality.

But what do you think? Is Kid Cudi really gay or straight? Or do you think he is trying to come out slowly? To make it more accessible for you to understand, we must notify you that the ‘A Man on the Moon’ hit producer is not the only male celebrity who wore lady costumes. Hence, assuming his sexual orientation depends on his clothes is terrible. 

Is Kid Cudi Bisexual? What Did His Dating Life Informed Us?

To find out if Kid Cudi is bisexual it’s better to look at whom the singer dated. The rumors include Kid Cudi dating Jamie Baratta, Stella Maeve, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Amanda Bynes, all females. 

Is Kid Cudi married since he has a daughter? According to the reports, whether Cudi married or not in his lifetime is untold. But looking at Kid Cudi’s past relationships, it is understandable that Kid Cudi’s sexuality is straight. 

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Final Words

It’s rare to see Kid Cudi wearing some weird dress, especially a woman’s clothing. When fans found out about his pictures wearing women’s wedding gowns, they immediately thought he was gay and was about to get married to a guy.


Who did Kid Cudi have a child with? 

Kid Cudi has a daughter whose name is Vada Wamwene Mescudi. Cudi and Jacqueline are the parents of the child.

What is Kid Cudi net worth?  

Kid Cudi is one of the outstanding rappers of the 21st century. The singer’s net worth is sixteen million dollars. 

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