What’s Ariana Grande’s Sexuality? Is She Gay, Bi, or Straight? 

Ariana Grande is one of the 21st century’s hit singers and actresses. She always gets media attention for having a charismatic voice and for living a controversial life.

She has achieved numerous awards like Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Award, Brit Award, American Music Award, Bambi Award, and more. 

Ariana Grande supports gays. That doesn't mean she's gay or bisexual. She's straight and happily married to Dalton Gomez.
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She is also considered a beauty queen as well as a gay icon. After the community declared the LGBTQ icon, her fans and media got puzzled.

Questions were coming online, What’s Ariana Grande’s sexual orientation? Is she gay, bisexual, or straight? Please stick with us through the whole article to find out. 

Is Ariana Grande a Gay Icon? 

While Ariana Grande is a gay icon, she is considered gay. There is a big difference between being an icon of something and being that thing. After Grande began to get famous, she started to show support for homosexuality. 

Also, his brother came out as gay, and when she saw her brother not getting accepted into society as he was, she became more public with her support. She raised her voice against those who didn’t vote for gay marriage legalization in 2015. 

Grande said a few things to the people against gay marriage in the wrong manner. That has upset her straight fans. She said in a concert, “Make some noise if you think the Supreme Court justices who voted against gay marriage should get their hands out of their fu**king asses and joins the goddamn celebration! yaaaaaas, queen!” [Source: Billboard News

Besides, in most of his music videos, you will find gay couples hugging, kissing, or dancing. So many activities relating to homosexuality led people to think Ariana Grande’s sexuality is not straight. 

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You should feel glad if you have a severe crush on her; she is, of course, not gay. Looking at the beauty diva’s dating history and her married life. So let’s take a look at who Ariana Grande is married to?

Another Rumor Is Going On That Ariana Grande is Bisexual

Well, a lot of rumors are always surrounding Ariana including she is bisexual. But there’s no verification from her or her family about her being bi. Also Grande’s hangouts with girls don’t have a couple but friendly vibes.

Even the paparazzi couldn’t capture her close with women. She has openly dated men only and is now married to his last boyfriend Dalton Gomez. So, we can say she is not bisexual.

When Did Ariana Grande Get Married? Her Marriage Revealed Her Sexuality

Before we jump on who she is married to, let’s find out who Ariana Grande dated. Grande was in a relationship with Graham Philips, Jai Brooks, Nathan Sykes, and Big Sean. 

Her relationship became severe when she fell in love with her husband, Dalton Gomez. The duo had been dating for a long time. However, they successfully kept it a secret for a few years. In February 2021, the couple was spotted dating together.

After two months of getting spotted, the couple turned their relationship into a stronger bond by getting married. On 15th May, they were secretly married and later announced to the media.

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It’s been over a year, and they are happily married. Analyzing her personal life we are sure that Ariana Grande is straight.

Final Words

Ariana is straight from her childhood. The star suddenly became a gay icon, creating rumors that she was a queer.

Her gay marriage support, her promotion of gay love through her singing, and having a homosexual brother are all enough to make doubts about her sexual orientation.

However, her behavior and love life make clear to us that Grande is heterosexual.


Why is Ariana Grande called Butera? 

Butera is the surname of Ariana Grande. It seems unique because the name combines both her parents’ surnames. 

How long have Hale Leon and Frankie Grande been together?

It’s been over three years since Frankie and Hale have been together. The couple first met in Los Angeles in 2019. Frankie fell in love with him after seeing Hale for the first time. After becoming friends, Leon also began to grow feelings for his partner. 

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