Is Giveon Gay? Why is the Singer’s Sexuality Being Questioned?

Have you ever heard the news of Giveon breaking up with Justine Skye for another man? If yes, you’re not the only person. In 2020 many people were misled and given false information about the couple’s breakup. 

Is singer Giveon gay or straight? Let's see.
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This rumor also caused singer Giveon’s fans to doubt his sexual orientation. So how far is the news accurate? Is Giveon gay?

We’ve analyzed his personal life and checked facts to discover the correct sexual label of the singer. So let’s jump right into the points. 

The Gossip of Giveon Having a Boyfriend Created Gay Rumors

Rumors can sometimes be annoying for celebrities, especially relationship and sexuality rumors. Back in 2021, an incredible story was spread about singer Giveon. That made many people doubt his sexuality, and some even hated him. 

Rumors were going that Giveon Dezmann Evans was cheating on his then-girlfriend Justine Skye with a guy.

However, there was no substantial evidence of him dating a man. So slowly, the gossip faded. However, it increased people’s curiosity about his sexual orientation. 

Giveon’s Sexual Orientation

Although Giveon didn’t label his sexuality, it’s easy to say he is straight by looking at his famous love story with singer Justine Skye. The couple first sparked dating rumors in 2020. They tried their best to hide their love life in the beginning. 

However, the pair’s increased closeness and spending much time together helped the media and fans see the hidden truth.

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Sadly their affair didn’t last long. By the end of 2022, the couple broke up. As always, they didn’t make it official, but Skye’s behavior and breakup statuses said it all. 

On 13th October 2022, Justine Skye wrote on Twitter, “Cheaters gonna cheat. Liars gonna lie. Users gonna use.” Of course, she meant the ‘Lost Me’ singer.

Skye deleted their couple’s image from Instagram, and both unfollowed one another. That’s when some haters spread the rumor that Giveon cheated on Justine with a guy. 

However, Justine clearly hinted that her ex-boyfriend (Giveon) cheated on her with 10 other girls. She discovered the truth when the ‘HEARTBREAK ANNIVERSARY” singer forgot his phone at Skye’s house. It means Giveon is entirely into women. He is not gay but straight. 

Final Words

Singer Giveon made a name in the world of fame as soon as he dropped his first album. He has millions of fans, and his several tracks ranked top on the U.S. Billboard chart. Singer Giveon likes to stay private. 

He only prefers talking about his works. Hence, we had to research deeply to discover if he was gay. Giveon is heterosexual. He has only been romantically linked to ladies. There’s no evidence of him dating a man. It was just a made-up story.

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