Is Alex Landi Gay? Why Is His Sexuality Being Questioned?

Alex Landi is popularly known for his role as Nico Kim in Grey’s Anatomy. The announcement of his casting in the series was made on 6th September 2018. He is not only an actor but also a model. 

Let's know about Alex Landi's sexuality and gay rumors.
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Landi was pictured on the cover of famous magazines like Attitude and Da Man. With his growing fame, more people began to show curiosity to know if Alex Landi was gay. 

This article will reveal his sexual orientation and discuss his love life. So, without wasting further time, let’s dive into the article and learn the truth. 

Alex Landi as First Gay Male Surgeon in Grey’s Anatomy

Alex Landi made his first big appearance with Grey’s Anatomy. He appeared as a surgeon named Nico Kim, a gay doctor. He played Nico so well that millions of Grey’s Anatomy fans mistook his sexuality. 

Several people think he is gay in real life but is afraid to come out. However, celebrities coming out of the closet is nothing scary or hard these days. Alex Landi hasn’t come out because he isn’t gay. 

Alex Landi is Yet to Make An Announcement On His Sexuality

We can call Alex Landi gay only if he declares it. It’s disrespectful to promote or even claim a star to be homosexual when they haven’t announced it themselves. 

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Alex Landi is yet to come out. Until he opens his mouth about his sexual label, we have to wait and consider him straight. 

Besides, we have closely looked into his lifestyle and found no gay vibes. He is living a life like every other straight guy, and he also appears so masculine. 

Generally, when a celebrity stays quiet about their sexuality, we check their past or present relationship to understand their sexual preference. So let’s see who Alex Landi’s dating partner is. 

Alex Landi’s Love Life 

We looked at all possible trusted sources to learn about Alex Landi’s relationships. But the actor is successful in keeping things hidden. He even shared some countable photos on his Instagram, where we couldn’t find anything suspicious. 

Hence, sources assumed Alex Landi to be single in 2023. There needs to be a past dating history for this outstanding actor.

There are still cameras searching to click ‘Insatiable’ actors getting cozy with someone. If there’s news on his love life, we’ll update the page, and you’ll learn from here. 

Final Words

Alex Landi is a handsome Korean-Italian model and actor. He has worked in different movies, TV shows, and Doja Cat’s music video, ‘Kiss Me More.’ 

If you think that Alex Landi is gay, the answer is no; he is not homosexual. The ‘Lycanphobic’ actor is heterosexual. 

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Although he kept his dating history hidden, experts believe him to be straight because he has not come out as gay.


Is Alex Landi returning to Grey’s Anatomy? 

If you can see Alex Landi in the 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy, you can. He is also a cast member for season 19. 

Is Alex Landi in a relationship with Doja Cat? 

Alex Landi was featured in the ‘Kiss Me More’ song by Doja Cat. It’s nothing like they are in a relationship or something. He was just cast in the music video. 

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