Is Doctor Mike Gay? A Close Look At His Sexuality and Dating

If you’re a social media lover, you must know the prominent internet personality Doctor Mike. He is not only a great doctor but also a professional boxer. 

The handsome man answers many health-related questions and helps his followers understand different medical conditions. 

What's Doctor Mike's sexuality? Is he gay or straight?
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People’s interest in him is growing daily, so more fans are getting curious to know whether Mike is straight or gay. In this article, we will say what Doctor Mike said about his sexuality and who he is currently dating. 

Doctor Mike Said He is Not Gay In a Q&A Story

Doctor Mike is different regarding sharing the truth. While most stars keep many secrets to themselves, Mike likes to answer any question. He often does Q&A videos on YouTube and puts answers on stories on Instagram. 

Last year he wrote many stories with answers to him. One of the Questions was, “Are you gay?” Doctor Mike posted a picture of him saying he is not gay, but he shouted out to pride month.

Since the doctor said he was not gay, we must not trust false memes and news regarding Mike’s sexuality. So how did the rumors start? Next is the story of how people began to misunderstand his sexual orientation.

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A Meme of Doctor Mike Checking On Boys Sparked Gay Rumors

Today you may not find the meme we are talking about because it was probably deleted later. In the past, a meme was shared a lot online. It had doctor Mike and some boys in. 

Mike was checking in on them. It was an edited picture, but that one altered picture created fuzz. Besides, Mikhail Varshavski supports the gay community, for which the rumors intensified. 

Fortunately, he answered the question about his sexual orientation, and now we know he is straight. 

Doctor Mike Keeps a Low Profile

Most people are curious to know who Doctor Mike is dating. Since he is straight and super handsome, it’s normal for his fans to try to learn who his girlfriend is. According to his Q&A in 2021, the Russian-American doctor is single. 

We’ve been searching his social media well, but there’s no suspicious activity. Also, he admitted to being single. So it’s challenging to find out if he is dating someone secretly. 

In 2015 his name was published as the most handsome doctor alive; since then, girls have been crushing on him. We think Mikhail, aka Mike, knows he can break thousands of girls’ hearts if he goes into a public relationship. 

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So he doesn’t let anyone see if he is romantically involved with someone. He may or not have a girlfriend right now, but he assures one thing, Doctor Mike is not gay. 

Final Words

Doctor Mike is undoubtedly one of social media’s most handsome and viral personalities. For his charming beauty, thousands of girls and even gay guys have a crush on him. 

So for a longer period, his fans were curious to learn about his sexual orientation. Mike makes sure to keep his supporters happy by answering them no matter what they ask. So he was asked on Instagram whether he was gay, and he answered “No.” 

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