What Shawn Mendes Said About His Sexuality? Is He Gay or Bi?

Shawn Mendes has millions of fans internationally. It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard at least one of his hit songs. 

Plus, he is a handsome guy, so both women and men are always too interested in his life. Some die-hard fans even try to follow his style. 

Shawn Mendes with Camila Cabello. Shawn Mendes' dating life proves that he's not gay or bisexual.
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Such an impactful singer went through a lot about his sexuality. People have been speculating and sharing their assumptions online about whether Shawn Mendes is gay or bisexual, or straight

Unlike most celebrities, the ‘Stitches’ singer addressed his gay rumors. So, let’s get to know what he said about his sexuality. 

Shawn Mendes Was Being Called Gay After Fans Saw His ‘Behind the Scenes

The ‘Senorita’ singer has been thought of as gay for years. While people knew he was in relationships with high-profile women, including Camila Cabello, he was thought homosexual. 

Back then, people didn’t have many reasons to call him gay, but after he released the music video ‘Summer of Love was much criticized. Now people are posting made-up gay stories about the legendary singer. 

So why did some people are taking Mendes as homosexual? It’s because they weirdly saw Shawn dive into the sea, giving gay vibes. The video was part of ‘the scenes of the ‘Summer of Love’ song. [Source: YouTube]

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In that video, he was telling someone that he would get pee in the sea and that the lady should keep this a secret. Then he dived in a way that a gay guy would have dived. That’s what people think. 

Shawn Mendes Finally Addressed the Gay Rumors

For years people were speculating wrong about his sexual orientation. Once the rumors intensified, he posted a Snap video on Snapchat where Mendes cleared everything about his sexual orientation. 

He said, “First of all, I’m not gay. Second of all, it shouldn’t make a difference if I was or if I wasn’t. The focus should be on the music, not myself.” [Source: YouTube 5:24 – 5:31] As he disclosed that he was not gay, the gay rumors began to vanish.

Now only his haters are trying to prove him one; the real fans know Shawm Mendes’s sexuality is not gay. He is straight by far

Final Words 

Like numerous other celebrities, we didn’t have to assume Shawn Mendes’s sexuality since he mentioned himself as ‘not gay’ in many interviews.

Besides all his highlighted relationships involved females. After Shawn addresses his gay rumors, there is no way for anyone to call or think him homosexual the second time.

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How did Shawn and Camila get together?

Camila and Shawn have been friends for a long time. They first became buddies in 2014. Camila went on a tour with Austin Mahone, where she and Shawn met. 

Gradually their relationship started to get visible as a romantic affair. However, at first, both celebrities confirmed to the media that they were close friends and nothing more or less. Later the couple accepted that they were dating and suddenly broke up. 

Is Shawn Mendes married? 

Shawn Mendes was not married. He was linked romantically with several female stars. His last girlfriend was the close friend Camila Cabello. The duo broke up mutually in 2021. 

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