Is Howie Mandel Gay? Let’s Know More About His Sexuality

Is Howie Mandel gay or straight. Let's see what's his sexual orientation.
Howie Mandel by Akumalbay12 licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Howie Mandel, the famous judge of America’s Got Talent, is an LGBTQ supporter. He even openly talks about gay, bisexual, and queer people and asks the world to respect them for who they are. 

In 2018 he was in the news for making a documentary film on a gay man’s life. He shared his life story. But a few groups thought Howie Mandel came out of the closet. 

Today we’ll learn about that documentary as well as Howie Mandel’s sexuality. So let’s get going. 

Did Howie Mandel Come Out of The Closet in the ‘On My Way Out’ Documentary? 

5 years ago, Howie Mandel made headlines for a documentary called ‘On My Way Out’. The documentary was about a 95 years old man who led a life of lies by hiding his real sexuality. Howie Mandel decided to make a documentary on this. 

It’s the story of one of his friends’ Grandfathers. He was gay, but he kept on lying about his sexual label. He even became the biological father of two children.

The man was still living with his wife. Eventually, his life partner discovered the truth, but she still accepted him. 

Howie Mandel thought it was something that he should tell the world about. He said some things about making the documentary.

Howie Mandel said, “This is a natural, emotional, heartfelt story about lying, and I thought it was lying to yourself and lying to the world and the pain this causes. The reason I wanted to get involved is because I’m all about getting rid of stigma.

Whether it’s about mental health. We have to respect each other for who we are, and the fact that you have to hide who you really are, is kind of a testament to how damaged our world is.” 

So it was not based on his story but another older man’s story who is gay in real life but had to hide it for reasons. 

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Howie Mandel is Straight and Is Happily Married to a Woman

The “America’s Got Talent” judge is straight. His married life is the most significant evidence of his sexuality. His only wife is Terry Mandel. The couple became friends first when they were only 12. However, they became a pair after starting to study in high school. 

They dated for years and finally managed to get married in 1980. Mandel and Terry became parents of three children. They have two daughters and a son. Riley and Jackie are the couple’s daughters, and Alex is their son. They are still in love. 

The story of the documentary ‘On My Way Out’ never presented Howie Mandel’s sexuality. He is straight and has three children, unlike the gay man in the documentary, who has two children. 

Final Words

Howie Mandel first got famous with his comedic talents. But he became globally known after joining as one of the judges of America’s Got Talent. This actor and comedian is a Supporter of LGBTQ. 

He even made a documentary based on a gay man’s story about hiding his sexual label. Some people thought that story was his, so he is gay but hiding.

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But the reality is it was another homosexual man’s story, and the truth is Howie Mandel is heterosexual, a happy husband and father.

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