What’s Drake’s Sexuality? Which Song Fueled His Gay Rumors? 

Whoever heard the song ‘You Used To Call Me On The Cellphone’ at least once in their lives must know the singer Drake. This song introduced Drake internationally.

Drake’s performance was superb, and some of his moves are used in meme pictures daily. He has been a matter of discussion with everyone, especially about his sexuality. 

What's Drake's sexual orientation? Is he gay or straight?
Drake by The Come Up Show licensed under CC BY 2.0

As he never publicly speaks about his sexual orientation and keeps making controversial lyrics, more people are interested to know whether Drake is gay or straight.

We are here to share that information with you along with more interesting facts about his personal life. So without further ado, let’s dig into Drake’s sexuality. 

Drake’s Girls Want Girls Song Sparked Gay Rumors About Him 

Drake has always been pretty careless about his sexual label. Although the singer never hid his relationships, his few lyrics indicate things differently.

Everyone knew he was straight until he released the song Girls Want Girls on his Certified Lover Boy album. But in that specific song, he called himself gay.

The lyrics say, “Please bring your girlfriend along with you; she like e*ting pus*y, I’m like, ‘Me Too, and yeah say that you a lesbian, girl, me too.” 

After asking the girl to admit she is gay, Drake calls himself gay. This lyric made his supporters think he is either gay or bisexual. But to find out his actual sexuality, we need to take a glance at Drake’s relationship history. 

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Drake Likes Dating Women Like Every Other Straight Man 

Drake was in a public relationships with some female celebrities, and some he kept a secret. But the media finds a way to find out who celebs are or were dating. 

His most public relationship was with Rihanna. They were so open about their affair that people used to ask Google, “is Drake married to Rihanna?” Well, no, they didn’t marry but were couples from 2009 to 2016. The reason for their breakup was different lifestyles. 

In 2018 he reportedly dated Bella Harris, a model. He booked an entire restaurant for a night to date with her. They have a significant age difference. Bella is 13 years younger than our favorite singer. Later both denied the dating story. 

Jennifer Lopez is another celebrity who Drake dated openly. In 2016 he posted a photo of them hu*ging each other tight like couples.

This cozy picture went viral and gave his followers a hint that the duo was dating. But again, there was no confirmation from either Lopez or the One Dance singer. 

There are still speculations going on about his sexual orientation. But our research about his personal life showed Drake’s sexuality is heterosexual and did not get sexually or romantically involved with men. 

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Final Words

Drake and many other rappers are straight but have added some weird information in their lyrics that represented them as another person to their followers. 

While many believe Drake is straight, his Girls Want Girls song created misunderstandings about his sexuality. We are lucky that we are in a world where we get to know the proper sexual orientation of celebrities, and now you know Drake is straight.


How long did Drake date, Rihanna?

The couple Drake and Rihanna are still among the favorite couples of many. They were like a cute duo and had a pretty long-lasting relationship. From 2009 to 2016, the duo was in love for seven years. 

Did Drake and Kylie h*ok up? 

A rumor has been swirling online for years that Kylie has cheated on her husband Travis with the singer Drake. Some say they slept together, but there is no substantial evidence to prove such a claim. 

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