Is Dumbledore Gay in the Movie? Who Was Dumbledore’s, Gay Lover? 

Who doesn’t know the Dumbledore character from Harry Potter? He was a professor and had an influential role. You may not have questioned every character’s sexuality; hence you don’t know a secret about the character. 

A close look at Dumbledore's sexuality.
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Dumbledore is gay, and the Harry Potter writer J.K Rowling shared this fact with her supporters. He even had a gay lover.

If you are here to know more about his love story and sexual orientation, stick with us until the end. We are about to reveal some exciting news regarding the character. So here we go. 

Dumbledore Is Gay and Had An Affair With Grindelwald

The movie Fantastic Beasts is based upon the story of Harry Potter’s Dumbledore’s life. When in 2007, Rowling revealed the Hogwarts headmaster’s sexuality as gay, many couldn’t believe it.

But after watching the movie and finding out the bearded magician had an affair with the one he fought in Harry Potter, the fans were shocked. 

The author J.K said, “I always knew that Dumbledore is gay.” Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald were friends from their childhood. You will find them talking about their childhood friendship in the first scene. 

After having disagreed with Grindelwald in one scene, Dumbledore said, “I went along because I was in love with you.” Later he is seen telling other characters about being in love with Grindelwald since his teenage years, and he hints at having a romantic relationship with him. Dumbledore is the only gay character who doesn’t act like gay. 

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Final Words

Harry Potter is the name of our emotions and childhood of 90s kids. Although now they have grown up, the craze for the movie has not faded away.

Kids from then and now are interested in learning in-depth about each Harry Potter character, including Dumbledore’s sexuality. So, we have revealed his sexual orientation.


Is Dumbledore gay in Harry Potter? 

J.K Rowling told the media that the character Dumbledore is a homosexual professor who had a romantic relationship with the wizard Grindelwald. After the last Harry Potter novel was revealed, she revealed this secret. 

When did Albus Dumbledore become gay? 

Albus Dumbledore was always gay. However, it’s hard to realize it was watching the movie. But the author of Harry Potter revealed she made this character gay and picked the enemy wizard Grindelwald as his lover from the past. 

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