Was Grigori Rasputin Gay or Bi? What Was His Sexual Orientation? 

Grigori Rasputin was a Russian man. There are several different stories about him on the internet. No one properly knows him.

While some say he was someone close to the creator and could do magic, others think he was a maniac who was only interested in having s*x and making his partners commit crimes. 

What was  Grigori Rasputin's sexual orientation? Was he gay or bisexual?
Grigori Rasputin by Dennis Jarvis licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

This guy is still well known as the Mad Monk. Also, some rumors say it took him only a few years to become a trusted tsar. Since people started to know about him, people’s interested grew even more in his sexuality after knowing about his character. 

So, was Grigori Rasputin gay or bi? What was his sexual orientation? Lay your eyes on the entire article and find out. 

Grigori Rasputin Was Bisexual According to Nicholas II 

Grigori Rasputin was a mysterious man. He was considered a holy person with devilish activities. People have different stories about him. But we understand he was a criminal who tried to hide his evilness by acting as Jesus’ lover. 

Grigori was homosexual, according to some reports, but we think he was bi. Because he kil*ed many women, but before the kil*ing, he used to ra*e them. Several families who lost their daughters and sisters accused him of ra*e and mu*der cases. 

If he were homosexual, he would not have been accused of such horrific crimes. Moreover, Nicholas II claimed he showed gay characteristics eventually. It means he was also not straight. The information regarding Rasputin’s relationship is not verified. 

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Grigori Rasputin Wasn’t Married to a Man and But Woman

Looking at his homosexual behavior and ra*ing women, showing himself as a hom*ph*be is enough to indicate he was bisexual.

If you are wondering whether such a guy ever got married? Well, yes, he had a wife and became a father. He was the parent of two daughters, Maria and Varvara Rasputin.

Grigori also had an affair with his only wife Praskovya Fyodorovna Dubrovina. She was the only female the so-called magician chose to marry. She is the mother of both his daughters. His married life was so ordinary that no one would think he was a criminal. 

There is no statement or interview we can rely on to find out the truth about this man’s real sexual orientation but all the trusted source of information indicates to us Grigori Rasputin’s sexuality was bisexual.

Final Words

Rasputin never opened up about his sexuality. But his criminal activities opened up the truth. When he was only accused of ra*ing women, people thought he was straight, but he was bisexual, and Nicholas II was the first man who witnessed his gay tendencies.


What was Rasputin infamous for?

Rasputin was both famous and infamous. He was popular as some thought. He owned magical powers and was a beloved of the Almighty. He was also unpopular for being accused of r*pe and unpleasant se*ual activities. 

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What was the Rasputin religion?

Rasputin was a strict Orthodox Christian. But searching for his religion, he left the family. He was supposed to father many children, but Rasputin kept running away from all his responsibilities. 

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