Was Art Laboe Gay? A Close Look At His Sexuality

Most celebrities come from the music or film industry, but only a few can become famous as disc jockeys and songwriters. Art Laboe is one such star. Art Laboe loved to talk with people on his radio station, especially celebrities. 

What's Art Laboe's sexuality? Was he gay or straight? Let's see.
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He learned and enlightened his supporters about several stars’ lives, but the disappointing part was he never shared his. Were we able to discover this mysterious man’s sexuality and romance? Here’s a deep discussion on his private life and sexual orientation. 

Art Laboe Never Talked About His Sexuality

The prominent American disc jockey Art Laboe had a secretive nature. He preferred to remain silent on his personal matters. Hence, he never spoke about his sexual orientation to the media or through radio shows. 

For this reason, his sexuality is still a mystery to many. But not to those who know some hidden facts about Art Laboe, like his love life.

We dug into a few of his personal information through which we discovered Art Laboe had no romance with males. So it’s clear that Art Laboe is neither gay nor bisexual. 

Art Laboe Had Two Wives

Since Art Laboe was a private person, he kept the essential information about his marriage life to himself. Laboe only let the media learn that he had two wives. 

But there are no records of when he married and who he made his life partners. Also, there’s no data on his marriage duration with his ex-wives. The media also learned that he divorced both wives. 

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He first got married in the 1960s. No one knows when the duo split and to whom he tied the knot once again. But we discovered that Laboe married women as a straight man should. 

Art Laboe Tasted Parenthood

Art Laboe was the biological father of two sons. His parenthood is the most significant evidence that his sexuality is not gay. It’s confirmed by the media that he had two sons but never shared their images or names. 

It’s pretty mysterious and sad for his fans since he almost didn’t share anything with them. He may have had reasons for keeping his personal information hidden, but we are lucky to get this small data about him. 

His parenthood helped the entire media assume his sexual orientation. 

Art Laboe’s Involvement With Men 

We could confirm his sexuality as gay or bisexual if we could get at least one strong evidence of him dating a guy. He met many celebrity men in life and was close friends with them but was never close enough to think of them as a couple. His romantic involvement with men was zero. 

Final Words

Art Laboe was a multiple-talented person. He was a songwriter, disc jockey, radio station owner, and record producer. He wrote songs with Sandy Nelson and Preston Epps. 

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While Art was open about his works and career, he was closed about his sexuality. His fans craved to hear from him whether he was gay or straight. But he remained silent. He died not answering the most asked question. 

But we were able to find out about his sexual orientation. We looked for deeper data and discovered he married two women but divorced them. He also became the father of two children. This data was enough to understand that Art Laboe was Straight.

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