Is Jeffree Star Gay or Trans? What’s His Actual Sexuality? 

What's Jeffree Star's sexuality? Is Jeffree gay or transgender?
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Jeffree Star is a makeup artist who is famous on social media. He posts makeup videos, and his makeup tutorials are more straightforward to follow than most other makeup artists who gathered many followers. 

He soon got successful and started his own business by creating and selling his cosmetics. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is worldwide famous for being made of quality materials.

His fans are not only curious to know about the makeup he uses but also his sexual orientation and who he is dating. 

Hence, today we will answer you if Jeffree Star is gay, straight, or transgender. What’s his sexual orientation?” So, stay with us from the start to the end to know every exciting information about his sexuality and personal life. 

Is Jeffree Star Gay?

Jeffree Star is, of course, gay. Jeffree has a male body, but he likes to show himself as a woman. He talks, walks, and acts like a woman.

He did makeup and became an influencer through his makeup skills. The way he appears on social media makes many people doubt and ask, “is Jeffree Star transgender?” 

No, he is not transgender. Jeffree Star’s sexuality is gay. At an earlier point in his life, he thought about transitioning.

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However, he later realizes he feels better the way he is, and makeup is alone enough to make him look like what he wants to look like. He was interviewed many times and answered several questions relating to his sexuality. 

He joined ‘The Dish With Trish’ podcast and said this regarding transitioning, “I used to have thoughts of ‘I am transgender? Should I transition? Am I supposed to be a woman?

I had so many thoughts in my head because I’ve always been really feminine, and I didn’t understand that I could be a male and wear makeup and feminine clothes and not be a woman. I was confused.” 

Now, Jeffree thinks it’s okay to be who he is by taking the help of makeup only. Make-up also got him a boyfriend. Jeffree openly shares things on social media that make everyone understand he is not straight—wondering who could be Jeffree Star’s boyfriend? Next, you will find it out with us. 

Who Is Jeffree Star Dating? 

Right after getting popularity and success, Jeffree started to get relationship offers. But he accepted the offer of one and went into a relationship with his ex for the first time, who was Nathan Schwandt. They had a long relationship of 5 years and used to live together in California with a family.

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After the breakup, Jeffree posted a video on YouTube where he was shedding tears and telling that he and Nathan Schwandt had broken up. However, it was a mutual decision because they were having family issues. [Source: YouTube]

The makeup artist didn’t have to stay single longer because the following year, in 2021, he began to have an affair with Sean Vander Wilt.

The duo didn’t confirm that they were dating. These are rumors, according to Vander Wilt, but Jeffree Star neither agreed nor disagreed with him. If the news is accurate, we will soon get confirmation. 


Jeffree Star started his career as a makeup artist by posting videos on Instagram and YouTube. He took his first attempt through his Instagram posts. He became successful quite fast in catching the attention of makeup lovers.

Soon he gained millions of followers and thus became an influencer too. Some of his fans began to demand cosmetic suggestions, giving Star the idea of becoming an entrepreneur.

He then opened his own company, where he uses quality materials to make cosmetics that are not harmful to the skin. He is currently making most of his earnings by selling these cosmetics and posting makeup tutorials.

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