Is Mark Lowry Gay? What Did Mark Say About His Sexuality?

Mark Lowry is mainly popular as a comedian, but also a songwriter and singer from America. He is the co-writer of the “Marry, Did You Know?” song. Before becoming the comedy king, he used to sing. 

Mark Lowry talks about his sexuality. Is he gay or straight?
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When he was a child, he gave performances in regional theatrical productions. He didn’t think about joining the entertainment industry, but after he began to study at Liberty University, he united with an evangelical team and decided to make singing his career. 

When there was a pause between his singing, he started to develop a playful and humorous sensibility that caught the audience’s attention.

It was then that he realized that comedy would be the right choice for his career. The singer and comedian Lowry enjoyed his job so much that he couldn’t make time to focus on anything but his profession. 

He didn’t have enough time to think about marrying. However, the matter is quite mysterious. Some say he didn’t marry because he wasn’t successful in his love life; others say he didn’t marry because he is gay.

What is the truth? Is Mark Lowry gay for real? What did Mark say about his sexuality? We will share with you truths about him ahead. 

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Mark Lowry’s Sexuality

So, is Mark Lowry gay, or it’s a rumor? Do we know it’s pretty hard to decide what to believe? Of course, we can’t deny that the old comedian has an outgoing personality, but he also makes sure his personal life is hidden. It played a vital role in creating doubts about Mark Lowry’s sexuality. 

The comedian is 64 years old and still doesn’t have a wife, leading people to think he is homosexual strongly. Although the comic is single, he spends family time with his siblings’ families. Not having a family of his doesn’t indicate his sexuality has changed. 

If you have known Mark Lowry since he rose to fame, you must have also heard him dating the entertainment industry’s high-profile ladies. Mark dated so many women that he might have lost interest in women and decided not to get married in his lifetime. 

We are just assuming this, and it’s not the topic we should be interested in. Why not look at his dating life and make you believe the truth? Mark Lowry is straight. 

Mark Lowry Dated Several Beautiful Women 

After picking the comedy line, Lowry spent most of his time in his career. He could make people laugh and cry with his humorous or deep words.

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His funny way of talking and entertaining speeches helped him get sizable followers. However, the comedian couldn’t sadly keep himself happy in his love life. 

Things are still mysterious. Either Lowry voluntarily got married, or he was rejected each time. The celebrity was asked about his marital life several times in different interviews, and each time he replied hesitantly.

When he was 50 in 2009, he was interviewed by Modbee. He was asked about his married life and having kids. 

Mark Lowry answered, “No, I never did get married. You’ve got to learn to live with the cards you’re dealt. (The apostle) Paul was right; there’s something positive about staying single.” 

However, the stand-up comedian was rumored to have an affair with another comedian friend of his, Chonda Pierce. They played on the stage together several times and had great chemistry. 

Until 2015 things were kept secret. One day Chonda Pierce posted funny and couple-like photos with Mark Lowry, which later verified they were dating. The couple is still together, and they post records on YouTube.

According to some reporters, Mark dated many beautiful women, but he successfully kept his dating history hidden, and now he is only seen with Chonda Pierce. 

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Chonda and Mark were almost kissing in the picture, and Chonda revealed in the caption that she is finally dating his best friend, which is more than enough to understand Mark Lowry is not gay but a straight person. 


Mark Lowry has always been there to make us laugh. The 64 years old young man is happy without having a wife or children because he has a loving family and now has a girlfriend. 

A comedian can never make us laugh out loud unless he has an outgoing personality which Mark Lowry owns. So, it’s unfair to call him gay for having such a character.

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