Is Jacob Sartorius Gay? Is He Too Young to Explore His Sexuality?

Jacob Sartorius was first noticed in 2016 with his first debut single, ‘Sweatshirt.’ After the song reached global popularity, many thought he would surpass Justin Bieber. After all, Jacob has all the charm to become the next JB. 

What's Jacob Sartorius' sexual orientation? is he gay or straight?
Jacob Sartorius by Carlos licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

He became a hotshot celebrity and the crush of many teenage girls. His die-hard fans always wanted to know his real sexuality because some false news reporters spread that the young star was gay. 

You don’t have to keep yourself in confusion anymore because we will tell you the truth about Jacob Sartorius’s gay rumors and his sexual orientation.

We have collected some useful information that will break all the doubts in your mind regarding Jacob’s sexual orientation. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the business. 

Jacob Sartorius Gay!

Jacob is a popular singer, so he has haters just like he has followers. Those haters and some fake news publishers have always tried to ruin his reputation by claiming he is gay.

Some news publishing websites like ‘Channel45news’ published reports where they made the headline ‘Jacob Sartorius is gay’ and put a breaking news logo over it. 

This fake news channel also used the name TMZ in order to make the reader believe that Jacob is really a homosexual.

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Anyone would believe the news until they reach the finishing point where you will find a picture of the Joker, it has a caption written ‘you have been pranked.’ 

Although Jacob didn’t act or talk like a gay until now, a few people love calling him gay. Maybe they just don’t like the singer for some reason.

Sadly, Jacob has to face bullies for such rumors. To get himself away from gay bullies, the singer had to change his school three times. 

Some think Jacob is young enough to explore his sexuality, but we think he has already explored his sexual orientation since the teen singer has already made several pretty girlfriends. We are sure that his dating history will remove any doubt about his sexuality from his supporters’ minds. 

Who was Jacob Sartorius Dated? 

Jacob is still a teen, yet he was rumored to have two girlfriends. His first affair was with Jenna Ortega, the actress of Jane the Virgin.

They used to get captured in photos, and according to some reports, the couple spent lovely moments together. Those couple-like pictures are the reason why everyone was sure they were dating.

What spices up the rumor, even more, is the ‘Chapstick’ music video of Sartorius. Where Jane was cast, and they kissed on camera. However, neither Jacob nor Jane confirmed the media about their secret affair.

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In 2017 after breaking up with Millie Bobby Brown, Sartorius confirmed they were in a serious relationship.

According to reports, he was the one who ended things because he chose to cheat on Millie. Jacob started dating Morgan Cryer the moment he was still Millie’s boyfriend.

Millie Bobby Brown wish birthday to her ex boyfriend Jacob Sartorius.
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This led the couple to decide to end things between them. However, later in 2018, the actress Millie said she forgave Jacob Sartorius, and their break-up was a mutual decision. Jacob has been single for 3 years now. He is not dating anyone currently. 


Jacob Sartorius was captured in intimate moments with his girlfriends. This removes any doubt about his sexuality.

Although he has been single for 3 years plus, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t explored his sexuality. Who knows? He might still be in a relationship, but he finally succeeded in hiding it.

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