Is Cristiano Ronaldo Gay or Bi? All About His Gay Rumors and Love Life

Whether you browse Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you must have seen a viral video of Cristiano Ronaldo ki*sing Argentine football player Paula Dybala. 

A close look at Cristiano Ronaldo's sexuality. Let's see whether he's gay, bi, or straight.
Cristiano Ronaldo by Ruben Ortega licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

This video has led many Ronaldo fans to misunderstand his sexual orientation. Some followers began to believe he was gay. Hence, we are here to share the truth behind that record and Cristiano Ronaldo’s sexuality. 

So keep reading the article until the end to find your expected answer and more information about the Portuguese forward’s personal life. 

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Gay? Or’s it just a Rumor? 

Whether you go to YouTube or Google, there are numerous articles and videos where Cristiano Ronaldo is presented as gay. Without any helpful evidence, such websites and channels are making more such videos of different celebrities. 

The two most common reasons those articles and videos will show is a match record where Ronaldo and Paulo were hu*ging; however, they claimed that the players were ki*sing. Another reason they tell is Rihanna’s breakup with Ronaldo. 

According to those YouTube channels, Rihanna ended everything between her and Cristiano after realizing he was gay.

But you won’t find a video where Rihanna said it directly or in front of the camera. Hence, one must not trust such news because it’s entirely a rumor. 

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There’s no evidence of Cristiano Ronaldo being gay, but there is plenty of proof of him being straight. The most significant evidence is his girlfriend and family. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriends and Children

Christiano Ronaldo is straight. He has always chosen women to make his partner. Till 2010 the Portuguese forward ensured to keep his love life private. In 2010 he first tasted fatherhood welcoming his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

The Al Nassr forward player informed the media that the child’s mother contacted the player by not revealing her name. Hence nobody knows who the mother of his first child is. He is now following in the footsteps of his father and practicing football. 

Cristiano’s first famous girlfriend was Irina Shayk. Ronaldo openly dated her for 5 long years. In 2015 they broke up, and some sources say Irina didn’t respect Cristiano’s mother enough, so he split from her. The pair has no children together. 

He then began dating Georgina Rodriguez, a Spanish model. The pair has become a global favorite.

Georgina gave birth to three of Ronaldo’s children, but unfortunately, one died. Their first baby drew her first breath on 12th November 2017. Their second twin daughter was born in 2022. 

He is also the father of twins born through surrogacy in 2017. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Relationship timeline and biological children will always make clear that he is heterosexual. 

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Final Words

Cristiano Ronaldo is a name that the entire world knows. He has billions of fans and also thousands of haters. 

Some haters wanted to prove him gay, but it’s impossible to prove a straight guy gay. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sexuality is heterosexual because he is sexually attracted to women and became the biological father of 5 children.

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