Is Jaeden Martell Gay or Bi? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

Jaeden Martell achieved fame more quickly than most other teen stars. He had to struggle less to get noticed. Thanks to his super handsome face and excellent acting. In a short span, he made an extensive fangirl base. 

Let's find out whether Jaeden Martell is gay or straight.
Jaeden Martell by Super Festivals licensed under CC BY 2.0

So, Jaeden Martell’s sexuality is a significant matter now. His silence on sexual orientation increased the interest of his fans even more. No matter how silent Jaeden Martell remained, we assumed his sexual label. 

Want to know if he is gay or straight? Here’s the answer. 

Jaeden Martell Hasn’t Open Up About His Sexuality

Jaeden Martell is a private person. He likes to keep his personal information to himself and his close ones.

When Jaeden rose to fame by playing the character Bill Denbrough, teen girls went crazy for him. Since then, his fangirls have been obsessed with him and are eager to determine whether he is gay or straight. 

Unfortunately, he keeps such information to himself. To this day, Jaeden Martell hasn’t discussed his sexual label.

But if he were gay, he would have already come out. Besides checking his past relationships, we understood that Jaeden is attracted to the opposite sex and not the same sex. 

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Jaeden Martell had Affairs with Famous Ladies

According to verified sources, Jaeden had two affairs. Although the ‘Defending Jacob’ actor hasn’t discussed his relationships publicly, some comparable photographs with his girlfriends went viral. That’s how everybody began to know about his affairs with two prominent actresses. 

Lilia Buckingham

In 2018 Lilia and Jaeden began dating. They shared some intimate and sweet moments which were leaked online.

A source told the pair started their love journey in 2018 and ended everything between them in the same year. 

Sophia Lillis

Many thought Sophia Lillis could be bisexual. But no, she is straight. Hence, her name got romantically linked with Martell.

Although neither of them verified the news, they also remained silent. So, it’s believed they were a couple for at least some months. 

Final Words

Jaeden Martell from IT was a hot shot from the beginning. He has an attractive-looking face that can make any girl have a crush on him. Even gay boys are crushed on Martell. 

So is Jaeden Martell gay? It seems he isn’t. He is straight, hasn’t talked about his sexual label but has shown his sexual preference is women.

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