Is Sophia Lillis Gay? A Close Look At Her Sexuality

Sophia Lillis has been rocking in the entertainment industry since her teen life. She started her acting career by working in the film 37.

What's Sophia Lillis' sexual orientation? Is she gay or straight?
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However, she caught the attention of people and famous directors after playing Beverly Marsh in It and It Two horror movies. 

Before fans found Sophia playing a lesbian role in ‘I Am Not Okay With This,’ most believed her to be straight. But the Sydney character she played in the series has created doubts about her Sexuality. If you’re also confused and want to know if Sophia Lillis is gay, here’s the answer. 

How ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ Series Sparked Sophia Lillis’Sexuality Rumors

On 26th February 2020, ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ appeared on Netflix (USA). Only in a matter of days, it became one of the most popular shows and finally got a 7.5 rating on IMDB out of 10. 

The series’ story is about a teenage girl named Sydney Novak, portrayed by Sophia Lillis, who deals with sexuality complexities and superpowers. Sophia, who played Sydney, discovered herself to be a lesbian. 

Her acting was so natural that whoever saw her first time as a lesbian in the drama began to believe that she might also be gay in real life.

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But is Sophia Lillis actually gay? We must not forget that several heterosexual actors and actresses have performed as gay before. 

In order to understand her accurate sexual label, we must learn about her personal life, including her dating life. But first, let’s know if she has announced herself to be lesbian before. 

Sophia Lillis Loves to Try New Characters Even If It’s Gay

Before ‘I Am Not Okay’ With This dropped on Netflix, the ‘It’ actress said something in a phone interview that helps us understand that she isn’t an actual life lesbian. Sophia played the role of ‘Sydney because it sounded different and uncomfortable for her. 

Sophia Lillis said, “Once you work on a project with a very specific role and very specific story and once you got the hang of that, you’re thinking, ‘Oh, let me do something that I’m not comfortable with and something that I haven’t done before,’ and try to learn like that. And I always want to experience new things and I want to experience as much as I can within the moment.” 

It means Sophia Lillis is straight, so she played a gay character (Sydney Novak) since that would be a wholly different and uncomfortable role.

Sydney Novak is the first gay role that Sophia Lillis played. She was famous for acting as Beverly Marsh in It, a straight character. 

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Is Sophia Lillis in a Relationship? 

Sophia Lillis likes to keep her relationship news under wraps. There’s no firm evidence of her dating anyone, which is another reason for considering her gay. However, this speculation is wrong. 

According to some sources, Jaeden Martell was once Lillis’ boyfriend. But there’s no detail on when the couple began dating or ended the relationship. In 2023 Sophia Lillis’s relationship status is single. 

Fans are hoping to see her get engaged romantically with someone soon. She may have a boyfriend in secret, but we need evidence before believing it. 

Final Words

Sophia Lillis is a lovely actress. She started her career as an actress as a teenager. She caught the attention of many directors with her skillful acting in the famous horror films ‘It’ and ‘It Two.’ 

She has then gained more fame by playing a lesbian character in the ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ Netflix series. However, her Sexuality became a question. 

Although Sophia Lillis didn’t directly say anything regarding her sexual orientation, one of her previous interviews hinted that she is straight.

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