Is Sanaa Lathan Gay? Her Sexuality and Dating Details

Sanaa Lathan is an incredible actress. Her beauty and acting skills made all her films worth watching. She got thousands of fans for a reason. 

What did Sanaa Lathan say about her sexuality? Is she gay or straight?
Sanaa Lathan by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Every day we find various questions about her, but the most we see is about her sexual orientation. 

Since Lathan intends to stay away from the camera and media as much as she can, we put more effort into finding verified news about her and discovering her sexuality label. 

So here’s the answer to your question if Sanaa Lathan being gay. 

Sanaa Lathan Said She Isn’t Gay 

Many people tried to ruin Sanaa Lathan’s reputation by promoting her as homosexual online. Even 92 people voted her as gay on a website where people assume a celebrity’s sexual orientation. But she is not gay. 

Sanaa never declared herself homosexual. She addressed the gay rumors well. In an interview, she was asked whether she is gay, and Sanaa Lathan replied,

“I’m not gay. I have nothing against the gay lifestyle at all. I have a lot of great girlfriends. I would call myself a girl’s girl, meaning I really have great friends; I’m not one of those women who doesn’t like to be around other beautiful women because that threatens some women. Regina Hall is a great friend of mine; Gabrielle Union is a great friend of mine. I have good girlfriends; they’re like my sisters.”

When Sanaa herself said that she wasn’t gay, then there should no longer be confusion about Sanaa Lathan’s sexuality. 

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Is Sanaa Lathan In a Relationship? 

Since Sanaa is a star, her personal life has become attractive to her supporters. Since she is heterosexual fans have been thinking about whether she is dating anyone. 

Well, our favorite star is too private about her personal life. We only know about her and Omar Epps’ relationship, which ended soon.

She ensures that no one gets to know about her affairs. We believe she must have had more than one affair but successfully kept it a secret. 

We are still looking for clues about Sanaa Lathan’s dating life information. If there’s good news, you will know from our website. 

Final Words

Sanaa Lathan is a straight American actress. She hasn’t gotten married and also has no kids. But she did love men, and her open relationship was with Omar Epps. The pair dated while working in the movie Love & Basketball.


Is Sanaa Lathan married? 

Sanaa Lathan is not married. Scott, her mister, prefers now and shows up everywhere as single. 

Is Sanaa Lathan LGBTQ ally? 

Sanaa Lathan is a popular celebrity. She has both straight and gay fans. Lathan is not an LGBTQ ally. She doesn’t show her support for the LGBTQ community openly.

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