Is Dej Loaf Gay? Her Sexuality and Dating Partner

Rapper Dej Loaf is so open about her thoughts and life. She doesn’t like to keep her fans in the darkness and loves to provide some personal information like sexuality and family. So we, fortunately, know everything about her sexual label. 

A close look at Dej Loaf's sexuality and dating life.
Dej Loaf by The Come Up Show licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Dej Loaf addressed gay rumors long ago. She first opened up about her label of sexuality in 2014. She then once again discussed her sexual label in 2018. In this article, you’ll know what Dej Loaf said about her sexuality. 

Also, we will take a look at her current and past love life. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

I Know People Think I’m a Lesbian, But I’m Not: Said Dej Loaf 

Dej Loaf is not lesbian; she is straight. She cleared all confusion about her sexuality long ago. She talked about her sexual label first in 2014 through a Twitter post which she later deleted. Dej Loaf wrote, “I’m not a d*ke; ho*s just love me.” 

She later revealed herself straight through that Twitter post and discussed this in an interview with VLADTV. ; She said, “I know people think that I’m a lesbian, but I’m not.” That time she was more explicit about her statement. 

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Hence, Dej Loaf said twice that she isn’t gay, so there should no longer be doubts about her sexual orientation. Wondering why people misunderstood the rapper’s sexuality? Let us tell you the story next. 

Dej Loaf’s Masculine Appearance Made Her Fans Think She Could Be Gay

Dej Loaf is an excellent rapper, and there’s no doubt about this. Everything about her is unique, even her appearance. 

In most of her music videos, the ‘Hey There’ singer appeared with masculine looks. Generally, lesbians appear that way, and so the confusion began. For example, Kristen Stewart, a bisexual actress, wears mostly men’s outfits. 

Since Dej Loaf also mostly wears men’s clothing and keeps her personal life out of the discussion, people mistakenly consider her gay. 

Dej Loaf’s Dating Partner

Although the ‘Back Up’ singer was single in 2023, she had three relationships in the past. All her dating partners were men, which is also solid evidence that Dej Loaf is straight. 

Her first boyfriend was Aye Redd. Unfortunately, there’s no detailed information on how the duo fell in love and when they broke up. 

Dej Loaf’s second boyfriend was OBA Rowland. He is also a rapper and sang several songs, including Lifestyle, Found One, and Dear God. The pair’s love journey began in 2014. They were a couple for two years and announced their split in 2016. 

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Dej Loaf’s last known affair was with singer Jacquees. The pair started to have a date in 2016.

Their affair didn’t last long, and they ended everything in 2017. Since her break up with Jacquees, Loaf isn’t seen dating anyone again. 

Final Words

Dej Loaf is so open about her sexuality. Unlike most stars, she revealed that she was straight 9 years ago through a Twitter post. Although that, too, didn’t work much in removing people’s doubts. 

Hence she once again said everything clearly about her sexual orientation to VLAD TV. She mentioned herself to be not lesbian. Dej’s long-term fans know about it, so they no longer have doubts about her sexuality.

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