Is Ross Lynch Gay, Bi, or Queer? His Sexuality Revealed

Ross Lynch, who got praised worldwide for his superb performance in the film ‘My Friend Dahmer’ is a dream boy of many straight women and gay men. When reading out thirst tweets about him, Lynch found out several gay guys have a serious crush on him.

What's Ross Lynch's actual sexuality? Is he gay, bi, queer, or straight?
Ross Lynch by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

For his female and male friends, Ross Lynch’s sexual orientation is a significant matter. If you’ve thought that this American actor is gay, some surprising facts are waiting for you.

Today you’ll learn not only about his sexual label but also about his dating partner. So keep on reading. 

Ross Lynch As a Gay Killer in ‘My Friend Dahmer

Ross Lynch is manly, yet there were sexual rumors about him. It’s because of the film ‘My Friend Dahmer’ where he was attracted to guys and had a physical relationship with them after killing them brutally. The film was made based on actual events. 

The film not only made him get praised but also caused controversies. Most followers started to think Ross Lynch could be a closeted gay.

Sadly, it’s not just Ross but many stars who played homosexual roles. Every one of them had to go through the same controversies. 

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Did Ross Lynch Say Anything About His Sexuality? 

Unfortunately, Ross Lynch remained silent on his sexual label till the day. He was interviewed many times but was never asked about his sexual orientation directly. 

However, it’s super simple to assume his authentic sexuality by looking at his personal life, which is open for his fans to see. 

If you discover the ‘Austin & Ally’ actor’s love life, all your confusion will vanish in a moment. So let’s see if the actor and singer are in love with a guy or a lady. 

Ross Lynch is in an Open Relationship With Jaz Sinclair 

Ross Lynch is not gay but straight; the evidence is his dating life. Since he is attracted to women, he picks a beautiful girl as his girlfriend. Jaz Sinclair has been Ross Lynch’s girlfriend since 2018. 

The couple first got to know one another in the set of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Jaz was one of Ross’s co-stars. At first, it was nothing but friendship, but the more they spent time together, the more they fell for each other. 

Both the stars officially announced to be a pair after rumors of their dating spread online. It’s been 5 years that they are a strong duo. Both Lynch and Sinclair share their romantic photos on their individual Instagram accounts. 

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Ross Lynch last posted several romantic images with her on 26th October 2022. He wrote, “She makes me so happy :)” his fans are now waiting for the pair to announce getting married. 

Final Words

Ross Lynch is so cute and handsome that anyone can have a crush on him, whether a straight girl or a gay boy. So everyone is so interested in his sexuality. 

Especially after playing the role of a gay American serial ki*ler Jeffree Dahmer in the film ‘My Friend Dahmer.’ Rumors began to spread, and different people made different speculations. 

Ross Lynch didn’t care about the rumors. So he didn’t discuss his sexuality directly with the media. But by revealing his girlfriend and sharing their romantic pictures, he removed all doubts. 

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