Is Andy Cohen Gay? Who’s His Dating Partner in 2023? 

Andy Cohen appears to be a handsome hunk on TV. He is a pretty aged person now yet looks super hot. He makes both straight girls and gay men crave for him. But what do you think of Andy Cohen’s sexuality? 

Andy Cohen with his long-time gay dating partner Anderson Cooper.
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Fans who don’t know details about his personal life don’t know his real sexuality. It may hurt some newbie fans but your favorite Andy Cohen is not a straight guy as you expected. Here’s the story of his coming out and more about his current gay life. 

Andy Cohen Came Out as Gay When He Was Just 22 

The famous host of ‘Watch What Happens Live.’ He is known to be the first ever open homosexual host. Before even he became prominent through the show, Cohen’s family and friends knew this truth about him. 

He was only 22 when he informed his parents and buddies that he has feelings for men and not women. Andy talked with CNN about how he was scared of coming out. He shared the entire story and the reactions of his loved ones. 

Cohen said to CNN, “There’s probably no gay person that you could ever talk to who wasn’t familiar with people using gay slurs. It happened to me all the time, which is why I was closeted until I was 22. I didn’t think my friends would accept me because I heard them speaking in a certain way.” 

Before even coming out to his parents and friends, he told some people in London about his sexuality and got a rejection from everywhere. This made him feel like he will never be accepted. But Andy didn’t know that his parents would be super friendly after knowing the truth. 

He also shared his parents’ reactions with CNN and said, “They were so wonderful. My mom immediately got involved with this AIDS hospice in St. Louis. They were kind of the dream parents to come out to. But so many people aren’t so lucky, and still today there are families who turn their kids away, and kids who don’t feel safe who are near suicidal about not being accepted.”

Eventually, Andy Cohen grew interested in being a parent like every other person. But since he is homosexual, he had to go for a different way to get his own child. 

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How Andy Cohen Became a Father of Two Children

Andy Cohen surprisingly informed the media about his wish to become a father. But as he has a sexual interest in women he took the help of advanced science. 

Through surrogacy, he became the father of a son and a daughter. His first child saw the light for the first time on 4th February 2019. His daughter drew her first breath on 29th April 2022. 

Andy Cohen’s Present Dating Partner

Andy Cohen doesn’t hide much about his personal life except for his relationship timeline. He ensures to stay tight-lipped when asked about having a boyfriend. 

Andy Cohen is single at present but his name was romantically involved with Sean Avery and Lance Bass. However, these are nothing but rumors. None of the celebrities has verified the news of their affair. Andy is also a good friend of  John Mayer and Anderson Cooper.

Final Words

Andy Cohen’s sexuality is gay. He came out 26 years ago. At first, he had to struggle a lot with his identity. He had to leave London for not being accepted by them.

But when Cohen returned to his parents and shared the truth with them, they surprisingly accepted him well, and so did his friends. He is now a father of two children. Both his children were born by surrogacy.

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