Is Jack Whitehall Gay? Why Is His Sexuality Being Questioned?

The British actor Jack Whitehall has done a great job in his Disney film ‘Jungle Cruise.’ He became the favorite of more new kids. His acting skills and character played a huge role in making the movie a theater hit. 

Jack Whitehall with his girlfriend Roxy Horner. His dating life proves that he isn't gay.
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But his adult fans made different comments. They once again made queries about his sexual orientation. Is Jack Whitehall gay? We’ve taken a deep look into his private life and learned about his actual sexuality. 

Jack Whitehall’s Sexuality Is Being Questioned After He Showed His Proud of Being Gay in ‘Jungle Cruise’

In 2021 the Disney movie ‘Jungle Cruise’ was released where we can find Jack Whitehall. This British actor has played the role of a gay character. While this became a big deal to most of his followers, Whitehall showed his pride. 

He even spoke about how he felt about the movie and the fictional character to ABC. He said, “It’s a really nice cultural shift in that we can have mainstream movies and entertainment that actually reflect the world that we live in.” 

He made the statement when he surprisingly realized that the role he was playing was ‘gay.’ The actor also added, “You want to have a movie that everyone can have a connection to and that everyone can relate to.” 

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So he is actually happily playing a homosexual role but does this mean he is not? No, it doesn’t. Jack Whitehall never mentioned himself as homosexual directly in the media. He is straight and his dating life is the evidence. 

Jack Whitehall Has Publicly Dated Gemma Chan and Is Currently Dating Roxy Horner

Whitehall has always been open about his dating life. Why shouldn’t he? He is one loyal guy who had only one past relationship and one at present. His first love journey started with Gemma Chan, an actress. 

They met in 2011 and it was Jack who requested her to act in his series “Fresh Meat.” They continued the relationship till 2017 and after 6 years, the duo ended everything. While in a relationship, both celebrities kept a low-key profile. 

He then remained single till 2020 until model Roxy Horner came into his life. The pair are still dating in 2023. Jack Whitehall’s straight sexuality is easily proven by his dating timeline. 

Final Words

Jack Whitehall has millions of fans but that doesn’t save him from criticism. In 2021 he went through controversy for portraying a gay character and did not hesitate. 

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Since then some have believed that the star is homosexual and proud. But in reality, he is dating a woman and didn’t label himself as queer. He is a completely heterosexual man.

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