Is HoYeon Jung Gay? Look at Her Sexuality and Dating Life

HoYeon Jung has become a household name after the release of “Squid Game.” She played the role perfectly and thus made a place in millions of people’s hearts. It was hard for her supporters to see her dying in the series. 

What's Hoyeon Jung's sexuality? Is she gay or straight?
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It’s great that it’s nothing but a thriller series. Jung now has over 22.5 million followers on Instagram. All her supporters are keeping an eye on her social account so that they can learn about her sexuality.

But only a few stars share their sexuality labels on Instagram or Twitter. She appeared in one of The Weeknd’s music videos named Out of Time.

If you, too, are curious to know whether Hoyeon Jung is gay, keep reading this article. We will not only inform you about her label but also will update you about her love life. So, without further ado, let’s get going with it. 

As a Korean Star, Hoyeon Jung Can’t Come Out 

South Korea not only has beauty standards but also has some rules for South Korean stars. Since fewer Koreans support LGBTQ celebrities, even if they are gay or bisexual, they are not allowed to come out. 

Only a few Kpop stars have come out. Since LGBT is not accepted, it’s hard to tell if any star is bisexual or gay, including Hoyeon Jung. Because the moment their fans get to know they are not straight, they will lose followers and supporters, which will negatively impact their careers. 

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Hoyeon Jung hardly speaks of sexual orientation; hence no one knows her sexual orientation. Until she verifies herself as gay or bi, we are bound to consider the pretty woman straight. Besides, Jung’s love life with her long-term boyfriend hints that she is heterosexual. 

Hoyeon Jung Has Been Dating Lee Dong Hwi Since 2016 

The actress of “Squid Game” is in a serious relationship with a man who is 9 years older than her. “Reply 1988” actor Lee Dong Hwi is Hoyeon’s boyfriend. Koreaboo’s reports said she and Lee have been dating since 2016. 

Both are seriously in love, but none of the stars like to show off their romance on social media. In an interview, Jung was asked to say some words about her lover, and she said all positive things about Hwi. 

Hoyeon Jung said, “He encourages me and tries to take good care of me. He’s kind of like my dad.” She also noted that Lee Dong Hwi is “a good friend and good sundae.” Her die-hard fans know that the Squid Game actress has a fair romance with Lee. 

Since the South Korean actress has been dating his boyfriend for 6 years, she is probably straight. Even if there’s a little chance of her being bi, then there’s no way for her to come out in order to keep her followers and remain famous. 

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Final Words

South Korean model and actress Hoyeon Jung did a tremendous job in the Squid Game series. She earned millions of fans by portraying the character of Kang Sae. 

After she reached global popularity, people across the world grew curious to know if Hoyeon Jung was gay. Although she didn’t reveal her sexual label by herself, we can say she is straight by analyzing her love life. 

Besides, Koreans are not friendly towards gay people, and so is the Kpop industry. Hence it’s that Hoyeon Jung is heterosexual.

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