Is Fivel Stewart Gay? Which TV Character Fueled Her Gay Rumor?

Through acting in the “Atypical” series, Fivel Stewart got prominent in no time. Her natural acting amazed her followers and shocked them enough that they began to doubt her sexuality. 

Fivel Stewart's gay rumors and sexuality explanation.
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In season three, she and Brigette Lundy Paine kissed for a minute, leaving Fivel’s fans in shock. It’s been many years, but the question remains unanswered. Is Fivel Stewart gay? 

We’ve looked into her deep life and dug in personal information through which we understood the actress is not gay. Read further to learn about Stewart’s actual sexual orientation. 

Fivel Stewart’s Sexuality Became a Matter of Confusion Since The Day She Kissed Her Best Friend

Although Fivel Stewart had affairs with prominent male stars, she is thought to be gay by many of her supporters and haters after doing a kissing scene with her best friend. 

Brigette Lundy Paine, who played the role of Casey in “Atypical,” is the closest friend of Stewart. Fivel also played the character Izzie in the same Netflix series. 

Both became best buddies after working in the series. Both are playing gay characters in it, and according to Stewart, fans were waiting for a kissing scene, and so did the set kissing one another. 

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Fivel (Izzie) and Brigette (Casey) kissed for a minute and had to rehearse multiple times. It means they kissed quite a lot of times. That created scope for some fans to think her lesbian. Although LGBT fans were happy with the kissing scene, some straight fans were not. 

She was asked many times about her sexuality and the scene. Besides, Brigette Lundy Paine came out as nonbinary, which fueled the gossip even more. So, Fivel had to post a video about it where she mentioned Brigette as her best buddy and explained why they often kiss. 

In a TikTok video, the “Roar” actress said, “I love them (Brigette) so much and like I always find a best friend in them when I’m with them. When we kiss and stuff, it’s just like, I’m so happy I get to show them this affection. 

Even in my real life, cause it’s like if you’re friends, you don’t kiss or like whatever but the fact that I love Brigette so much and the fact that I get to kiss them and to also show them how much I love them physically. I love it like it’s just I don’t know it’s like a different way of expressing yourself. It’s very free.” 

Stewart’s speech summarized that she kisses Brigette Lundy to express her friendly love towards her physically. It makes them more accessible. So it’s not a romantic or couple thing but a best friend thing for her to kiss Paine. 

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Fivel Stewart Had a Public Relationship With Andrew Kai 

The actress of “Umma” has dated several men in the past, and her only public relationship was with actor Andrew Kai. Their journey of love began in 2018. They were together during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Suddenly the actress deleted photos with Andrew, so it’s hard to tell if the duo is still dating. According to the media, she is single at present. So, it seems the actress is not homosexual but heterosexual. 

If Fivel Stewart were gay or bisexual, she would have begun dating the nonbinary actress Paine. But as her confession, they are nothing but friends. 

Final Words

Fivel Stewart is an excellent actress. She has been in the entertainment industry since she was only 7. She is not only an actress but also a singer. The beautiful actress’s sexuality is under speculation because she hasn’t labeled herself as straight. 

Moreover, her kissing scene and cozy pictures with her best friend and co-star Brigette Lundy Paine intensified gay rumors. To clarify things, she once posted a TikTok where she explained why she and Brigette kissed. 

Although Stewart didn’t mention her sexuality, her dating history and the explanation of her friendly relationship with Paine give a clue that Fivel Stewart is straight.

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