What’s Kevin Chamberlin’s Sexuality? Did He Come Out As Gay?

Kevin’s face is not new in the entertainment industry of America. He played the role of Bertram well, and it’s not the only character he played with excellence but every role from the past. Starting from theaters to tv shows and movies, his name has become a household one. 

Is Kevin Chamberlin gay or bisexual? What's his actual sexuality?
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He did a great job at being diverse in his acting career. Such a great actor couldn’t continue acting straight. Yes, you’ve heard it right.

Kevin is not heterosexual, so what is he? We have revealed Kevin Chamberlin’s sexuality in this article. You will know whether he came out or not. 

The Speculations About Kevin Chamberlin’s Sexuality Was Proven Right: He is Indeed Gay

After some time after starting his acting career, his supporters began to speculate about his sexual orientation since the actor chose to stay tight-lipped.

After keeping it a secret for a long, he finally opened up about being gay. He is homosexual and doesn’t think it should be an issue. 

So, is Kevin single, or is he in a relationship? Then who is Kevin Chamberlain’s boyfriend? Well, Chamberlin prefers to stay quiet about his romance. Still, it was revealed that he once dated a man in Los Angeles. However, he didn’t disclose the name of his ex-boyfriend. 

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Kevin Chamberlin Was Never Bisexual and Finally married a Guy

Is Kevin Chamberlain married then? The actor of Good Luck Charlie admitted to having been married to someone. On 17th July 2015, he tweeted about being married.

Unfortunately, it remained unknown who he was or was married to. After 2015 Kevin avoided answering questions regarding his personal life and marriage.

Many interviewers tried to bring out more news about Kevin Chamberlin’s dating life but failed. Some paparazzi also attempted to take a sneak peek into his personal life but couldn’t get a chance to catch him close to anyone. He might be single or have an affair in 2022, but one thing is for sure, the celebrity is not stray. 

Final Words

You may be shocked to know your favorite star came out, but you just can’t deny the truth. He is so good at acting that sometimes you will actually lose yourself and keep thinking, is that man gay for real. Chamberlin feels no hesitation in introducing himself to this new identity.


Is Kevin Chamberlain related to Emma Chamberlain? 

Kevin and Emma have similar last names. Hence, many think they are somehow related. However, they are not. If you carefully notice, there is a little difference in their last names. Kevin has Chamberlin while Emma has Chamberlain. 

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Who does Kevin Chamberlin Play in Stranger Things?

Kevin Chamberlin starred in Netflix’s Strange Things series. He acted in it as Sheldon Saperstein. 

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