Is Val Kilmer Gay? His Sexuality and Dating Life History

We all know that everything is different in the media and real life. For example, Jonathan Bailey is gay in real life but plays a straight character smoothly in the Bridgerton series. 

Val Kilmer's sexuality explains and gay rumors.
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In the same way, Val Kilmer is heterosexual but performs a homosexual character outstandingly. He has been considered gay for years after the ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang‘ film was released. 

But don’t worry, as we are here to remove any confusion about celebrities’ sexuality. This article will inform you about the actual sexuality of Val Kilmer and more about his dating life and kids. 

Val Kilmer as Gay Perry in The Movie ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ Sparked Gay Rumors

Is Val Kilmer gay? Well, he once was gay in a film. Kilmer acted as a gay man. He played the character so well that fans couldn’t help but rethink his sexuality. 

But is Val Kilmer gay? We believe he is not. Because the actor never came out as homosexual. Also, he isn’t the first to play a gay character while being straight. 

Prominent actors like Giancarlo Esposito and Dane DeHaan have also played queer roles. Without evidence of Val Kilmer’s sexual interests in a same-sex person, we can’t assume he is an LGBT person. 

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Besides, the actor’s dating and married life don’t support fans’ assumptions. Hence we and all other trusted sources believe that Val Kilmer is straight and not gay. 

Val Kilmer’s Dating History Clarifies Him As Straight

Val Kilmer openly dated 6 beautiful actresses. But he only married one. He openly dated only famous females. Let’s look at his dating life to understand his sexuality correctly. 


Val’s first girlfriend was Cher. The duo began dating in the early 80s. They were criticized when they were a couple because Val was 14 years older than Cher. No one knows the exact day the duo broke up. 

Joanne Whalley

Val and Joanne met in 1988 on the set of ‘Willow,’ and it was love at first sight. The duo dated for some time and tied the knot in the same year. 

They welcomed two children together who are now grown-ups. Their daughter Mercedes Kilmer was born in 1991, and their son Jack was born in 1995. The following year they got divorced. 

Cindy Crawford

Kilmer couldn’t keep himself from going into another relationship after divorcing Joanne. He met Cindy Crawford in 1995 at the ‘Batman Forever premiere. Eventually, they started dating, and after two years of affair, the pair finally ended everything in 1997.

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Daryl Hannah 

There is less information about the couple. Although Kilmer and Hannah dated openly, they didn’t share their news with the media. Hence, we know the duo’s affair began in 2001 but don’t know the exact time of splitting. 

Angelina Jolie

Val was single for some time after breaking up with Cindy. He and Jolie met in 2004 while working in the “Alexander” drama. But after meeting with Brad Pitt and getting romantically with the actor, Angelina broke up with Val Kilmer. 

Final Words

These days it’s common to see straight actors playing queer characters. But in early 2000, it was pretty shocking for people to find a heterosexual actor performing as gay. 

When in 2005, Val Kilmer played a homosexual role in the film ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ fans claimed he had come out. But the actor didn’t confirm the rumor. 

Later we realize Val Kilmer is heterosexual after finding him having an affair with many prominent ladies in the entertainment industry. He is even a father of a son and daughter.

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